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This was one of the first trips that I uploaded photos too for the TravBuddy site and looking back it looked a bit of a mess,so time for a rewrite. Taken at the end of 2008,this three week adventure along the coast of North Africa was quite an experience.

One wonders now nearly 4 years later how the trip would differ post Arab Spring. It is hard to believe that in that time all three countries have been through revolutions. Little did we know at the time with all three regimes so deeply embeded,how quickly things can change.

We started our trip in Tunis and after a night in a city center hotel we set out next morning by metro to visit the ruins of Ancient Carthage. Founded in around 814BC by the Phoenician Queen Dido. Carthage greww to to be one of the most important and powerful trading cities of the ancient world.

After the 3rd Punic War the Romans sacked Carthage in 146BC and destroyed virtually everything. What remains today are largely the ruins of what was the pro consular capital of Roman Africa with only the remains of two Punic Harbours being Carthaginian in origin.

jostravel says:
I loved Carthage! It is my idea of a heavenly day trip :)
Posted on: Apr 20, 2016
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the military harbour
the military harbour
Models of the Military Harbour
Models of the Military Harbour
photo by: Biedjee