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Another trip and another early start. We arose around 6am for our flight at 8.20am. For once our flight was dead on time and we duly departed for Geneva! We arrived in Geneva at 1135am after an uneventful flight!! We were unsure given Switzerland’s non EU status whether our passports would be stamped, and too our delight they were!! We quickly skimmed through the lounge and collected our free 80 min travel passes. This saw us through to our hotel after one such bus change. The views on the run up to the hotel were truly stunning with snowy alps mountains the backdrop!. As we enjoyed our bus journey we approached a border stop and it dawned that in fact we were staying in France – thanks again Hostel bookers!! We had a minor spat with the hotel worker as we found we did not qualify for the Geneva transport pass (Geneva hotels only!!). We ordered breakfast alongside our room quickly checked in and headed back out to enjoy the sunshine. We jumped on a bus and realised the immigration officers were scanning the bus!! Our nervousness at an almost out of date bus passes was misplaced when they merely checked an American’s passport for validity!! We were safe!! We got into town and immediately found the tourism office to complain at the devious hotel website who tricked us to believing we would stay in Geneva!! Complaint was noted; we picked up some maps and headed on our jolly way!!

First up was Lake Leman or in the English speaking world Lake Geneva. The views were amazing as the classic European architecture abounded and the mountains provided an appropriately beautiful backdrop!! We strolled around the lake and arrived at the English garden a small area with seats, tourist offerings and famously the biggest flower clock in the world. The pictures were definitely more impressive but Kae as she does still took her obligatory 20 photos! We noted the Jet D’Eau which flies to 140 feet the highest in the world. The Lake was astounding and the whole experience with the stunning sunny weather, and stunning urban architecture made for a very pleasant stroll along the Marina! We decided to enjoy the view with a beer, a chocolate ice cream and a quiet rest on the waterside café!!

We had enjoyed a nice drink and decided to enjoy the sun while it lasted. We crossed back over the Ponte Du Mont Blanc and headed to the Brunswick Monument!! We then headed on to the Parc mon Repos and through the Jardin Botanique (Botanic Garden). We had enjoyed the afternoon and as the sun slowly set we decided a long day required a big meal. We set off into the back streets from the gardens and found numerous restaurants!! Few seemed to appeal and our raging hunger clouded our judgement. We found an almost deserted pizzeria. The staff looked bored and the chef was on a break. We quickly ordered our giant pizza’s with a couple of softies!! The food was awesome and not as expensive as I had been led to believe!! We then scammed a bus ride home on the overly generous Swiss bus service!!
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photo by: DADKA