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end of the day but ususally covered in jet skis and beach vendors.

The weather wasnt so good and the sea was quite rough so it was quite an eventful ferry ride back to Samui.  I had pre booked an hotel and as I wasnt sure of the location I only booked the 1 night. 

I have to say I used the TRavbuddy hotel finder for this whole trip. There are so many resources for accomodation I didnt want to be spending too long in internet cafes so made the decision to use TB. The reviews were invaluable and much more honest than the agents sites. 

I was a little suspicious of the one I had booked as it was a luxury room with kitchenette, but the same price as regular rooms. But from the map I wasnt so sure it was close to the beach. I soon found out what its problem was.

Chaweng beach. was not impressed
....Its location. Nobody could find it! Its quite a new hotel called The Chaweng Lakeview Condotel, but it was on the far side of Chaweng Lake. Not the most pleasant area.  The shuttle bus could not find it and was so annoyed that it took so long.  He was trying to just leave me in chaweng high street but I made him find the hotel.

When I finally found it everything was a bit surreal.  It was lovely but totally empty except for 1 family. I was met by a very overpowering Hungarian couple who were running it for a local Thai owner. She was like an ageing beauty queen and he a body builder.  I was ushered into the office and treated like the richest man in the world. I felt really uneasy but I think they were just happy to see somebody.  When I asked how long it was to the beach I was told about 10 minute walk.

not why i travelled to Thailand
  They and the owner were trying to get me to stay for more nights but I wouldnt commit until I found out how long to the beach and main street.  The owner then gave me a ride to the beach and this took over 10 minutes over muddy tracks and through fields. And this was the short cut!! How was I supposed to walk it in 10 minutes!?  Its a shame as it had a lot of potential and if you want to just stay in a bit of luxury for bargain prices then I would recommend it.

Finally I made it to the beach and I have to say I was not really impressed.  After the chilled out atmosphere of Koh Tao, this was like the worst hell hole tourist hotspot I have known.  Jet skis and speed boats virtually taking over the whole length of the beach.

unexpected luxury
   It seems what I heard about Samui was true. I then went to an internet cafe to find a new hotel for the next day and finally settled for the Hotel Ban Talay. It was at the southern end of the beach. I managed to get quite a good price using the TB hotel finder and the receptionist was shocked how much cheaper it was than the walk in price. I was getting a bit fed up moving around all the time so I booked this for 4 nights.

Then I discovered why chaweng area is so awful.  I started to walk down the main street and could not go more than a few metres without being completely pestered.  It was either a restaurant trying to get me to come in and eat their buffet bbq (and very expensive I have to say) , then a tailor, then a massage parlour then another restaurant then another tailor then a massage parlour AAAAHHHHHHHHH.

Now this is what I call backpacking:)
You get the point I'm trying to make.  I came here to try and find a bit more life and company but it was over the top. Oh and I forgot how every single taxi that passes beeped its horn. SHUTUP!! Im getting annoyed just writing this. I took to the back streets and had a good meal and then hid away in an internet cafe. I booked up for an Around the Island tour for the next day. Then I tried to get back to the hotel before I went crazy and threw a tailor on one of those BBQ's. That was another nightmare as nobody could find it again and the motorbike taxi had to keep stopping at different shops and asking directions.  I finally made it back and destressed by having a long hot bath.. Peace and tranquility at last. I was looking forward to the next day to actually be around people, although a little scepticle about the tour, which again was not cheap.

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end of the day but ususally covere…
end of the day but ususally cover…
Chaweng beach. was not impressed
Chaweng beach. was not impressed
not why i travelled to Thailand
not why i travelled to Thailand
unexpected luxury
unexpected luxury
Now this is what I call backpackin…
Now this is what I call backpacki…
kitchen suite..but not one single …
kitchen suite..but not one single…
kitchenette next to room
kitchenette next to room
looking down on the pool which i n…
looking down on the pool which i …
view over chaweng lake in middle o…
view over chaweng lake in middle …
Koh Samui
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