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All packed up and ready to go. Not too big a bag for 3 weeks.

Its so rare that I get 3 weeks to myself, so when the opportunity arose I told my girlfriend that we were going to Thailand.  She has not travelled long haul before so was looking forward to it.  My Brother works for BA and managed to get us premium economy seats for the price of economy. Still a couple of hundred pounds more than other carriers but still half the full price.

 I didnt bother with much accomodation planning except for the first couple of nights in Bangkok.  I will just say that during this trip I only used travuddy to find hotels and guest houses. I found the reviews and info absolutely fantastic and even more reason to add travel reviews whenever you can. I always got a better price from the internet than walk in prices.

My daughter Alice who helped me pack.
I then spent the remaining weeks working on a rough itineray and checking out accommodation.

So far, so good...

Then it started to go wrong :(

Due to family reasons that I wont bore you with, my girlfriend didnt think she would be able to make the trip. We spent weeks discussing what to do and in the end she was happy for me to go alone.  She is a very special person and was great about the situation.  I felt quite guilty at first but she was adament it was ok so I set about getting into the right frame of mind. 

A few expensive lessons were learnt trying to cancel her ticket.  Firstly My credit card company said her ticket wasnt covered as I didnt have the correct insurance cover.  That was the whole point of paying with the credit card , so beware and check you are covered before you buy.!! We hadnt bought travel insurance until after I booked the flights as I thought I was covered by my card insurance. Silly me.

So I set about claiming the taxes and add ons back from BA...All I have to say is that they are a bunch of CROOKS....Out of a £900 ticket, all I got back was £99....I was fuming. The main reason is that since earlier this year for some inexplicable reason, they do not pay back the fuel surcharge. Absolutely disgusting, we didnt even take the flight and they will sell that seat to somebody else and charge them the fuel surcharge over again.  Even though my brother works for BA, I now despise them for their business practice.

Anyway, The day finally came to leave and I tried to get in the right frame of mind. This was meant to be a trip as a couple and now I was going as a solo traveller.  Years ago thats what I wanted to do but now Im not so sure.......


sylviandavid says:
Too bad it fell apart but it's still gonna be fun!
Posted on: Oct 12, 2009
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All packed up and ready to go. Not…
All packed up and ready to go. No…
My daughter Alice who helped me pa…
My daughter Alice who helped me p…
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