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I would like to write my memories from that trip...

How it started? My boyfriend told me lets go to iran. i agreed and our adventure started. Of course there ere doubts like what is there, maybe it s too dangerous etc, but finally i decided so at the end of december we started our trip!
We were traveling from Turkye from istanbul to Van, teh most far away country with airport in Turkey. After we were supose to take train to iran. First part of road I mean plane was good. Fast, comfortable and nice, te funniest thing during that was the airport! I can recomend u that Van airport! You ve feeling that u re  falling down to the lake, cos u can't see the airport, just Van lake which in fact is huge.
After safe landing we decide to go and check teh railway station, and buy the tickets. When we arrived, there was nothing! just few  benches and places for selling tickets! We were stucked in the middle of novewhere in cold day! so We decided to go city and check the city centre. When we arrived we went to the most strange "restaurant" i saw. Food was good and cheep, but conditions heh. When i m writing restaurant i m not thinking real restaurant! it was one durum place with very nice man who was seling whings. Outside was very cold, and there hot, so we decided to stay.i think he never saw turists in his place. After dinner we wnet to walk a little...We went to one great chai place drank a little of chai and relaxed.
Finally railway again... After snow fights with my friends there was nothing else to do! Still nobody at the train station and about 6 hours to our train!!!! We played all games we knew. After some hours people started to arrived. of course they were courious why we re going to Iran, they gived us also advices and showed us what we should see. one man was speaking very good english, so we ddnt have problems with comunications. finally the train came! We run to it, cos we were  affraid that there will be no place for all of us, cos on the  trainstatios now was many people! so when we started to come into one man fron train came to us and said we had to go to other carriage cos there ll be bether for us. We went and we saw a  great place almost without people. Each of us had own bed so was perfect. During long(12 hours)trip we met nice couple from iran and we discussed a lot.
Finally Tehran...Tired with luggadge we went to find a taxi. We didnt want to spend a lot of money so we order one taxi for 6 people!!! Taxi drivers agreed for everything! so with my friends we had to look like hmm potatos or i dont know what! I remember that trip was unbeanliveble!!! I thought i will not arrive! Taxi drivers are crazy!!!! So now few words about Tehran. I didnt like it a lot! It s too coowded, to poluted and too big and too everything... Of course there are some nice place to see but not many of theme! Taxi drivers are ready for everything and at the end it was nothing strange 7 people in one car. Prices of course discussed before going  soewhere! So we didnt stayed long there next place was Shiraz...
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