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Fern beds at Daniel Boone Gardens

Trying to sample the neighborhood, I steered a few miles north to drop in on Boone after visiting Blowing Rock.  The town is named after Daniel Boone, who camped in the area during younger days and the town was begun by his nephews.  Back in the 1950’s a huge tourist attraction began, “Horn in the West”, a drama production performed in the summertime at a local amphitheater, focused upon European settlement of the area (and Daniel’s contributions, in particular).

But Boone is also a college town, the home of Appalachian State University.  I usually adore college towns, but my brief intro was not so appealing.  Accustomed to the homey feeling of most villages in this corner of North Carolina, I was turned off by numerous strip malls and national chains which seemed to occupy 100% of retail space (of which there was quite a bit).  I suspect becoming aware of some off beat sites would amend my opinion, so I will certainly not condemn Boone.  The only place I visited was Daniel Boone’s Gardens, a less than spectacular attraction, so that did little to raise my appraisal during a whirlwind tour.

The gardens are reviewed below, but please bear in mind this is not a highlight and I believe I would have uncovered greater appeal had this been an targeted destination where I spent little more than an hour visiting.

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Fern beds at Daniel Boone Gardens
Fern beds at Daniel Boone Gardens
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