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Because vision woes precluded any grand travel plans this year, I needed a quick break now that the ordeal seems to be in the past.  Family duties veered me towards western North Carolina and I extended the dots to the Blue Ridge Mountains.  My daughter started college at UNC-Greensboro this fall and will not be employed for her first semester (at least), so she could not afford car insurance.  That is okay as she is not permitted to have a car on campus her first year anyway, but it did not prove a simple matter of canceling.  Without insurance, our fair state denies her the right to hold a driver’s license!

Scrambling for a solution, I switched her to be the “driver” for the beater I bought.  Much, much cheaper than cost for the new wheels I got her two years ago.  Thus, step #1 of my junket was dropping in on my ex in Raleigh to reclaim the Subaru today.  The last stop would be for lunch with my daughter the following Sunday in Greensboro, with good times in between.

Hopefully that does not imply either end was not good.  It was fun seeing my ex.  She gave me a tour of her new pad (she and my daughter just moved to Raleigh last month) and we steered to a nearby Mexican restaurant from there.  When Kim & Spencer discovered this joint, they both apparently agreed I would savor it.  Enjoy it I did, so it merits a review below.

After lunch I continued west in my new car that was ridiculously filthy (the following Sunday Spencer would share it was due to her transporting all their house plants during the move to Raleigh).  Realizing radio reception would be spotty I packed a few CD’s along, but was delighted to see the jewel box for a Squeeze disc I had loaned my daughter two years ago sitting on the floor in back.  Several hours later (after exhausting the discs I had brought) I would risk life and limb to reach back and clutch the case, frustrated to discover no disc inside!   :^)

vances says:
It left me exhausted, Bill...
Posted on: Sep 06, 2015
Zagnut66 says:
A convoluted car caper.
Posted on: Sep 06, 2015
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