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Jump Off Rock - the next destination.

Whipping through Chimney Rock State Park so quickly meant a lot more daylight than I had anticipated, so after brief stops in Bat Cave and Horse Shoe I sought another scenic spot.  I was going to check out the “Bottomless Pools” just outside Chimney Rock, but could find no info pinning down the trailhead to get there.  Asked a park ranger at Chimney Rock and learned they are on private property and “not much to look at” anyway.

The other outdoor spot I had dug up was Jump Off Rock, located in Laurel Park.  Seems this small spot is considered a suburb of Hendersonville, though Hendersonville does not seem big enough to have suburbs.  What Hendersonville lacks in size it more than makes up for with vehicle traffic.  Even mid-afternoon it was slow going through town and once again I found myself disinclined to stop and look around.

Laurel Park truly does blend with Hendersonville, and appears to be a gang of expensive houses on a ridge running west of the main town.  It was an easy drive, twisting up narrow roads past dozens of mini-mansions. 

vances says:
lol, May...think I intended to enter "McMansion" there (slang for a large house that is just big and not attractive...just to make a show of wealth). There's a band I like called Mini Mansions and I am easily confused...

Posted on: Sep 12, 2015
cotton_foam says:
hmmm...I didn't know there are such "mini-mansions" ;) mini...and then mansion ha! :D
Posted on: Sep 12, 2015
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Jump Off Rock - the next destinati…
Jump Off Rock - the next destinat…
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