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Minerva on the UNC-Greensboro campus. You can see "apple offerings" at the pedestal base...and imagine the challenge to deposit one in her outstretched hand!

Final stop in my latest North Carolina ramble.  Swung into Greensboro to share lunch with my daughter, the new college student here.  We walked about campus and chatted about how things were going.  Daddy was relieved to hear an upbeat assessment and actually sense contentment.  One always worries when setting their children out alone on the world!

We had lunch at a sports bar just off campus, which was decent – I enjoyed a really good wrap.  For better or worse, I was too engaged in chatting with my daughter to take any pictures or make observations for rendering a review.  Heck, I don’t even remember the name.  In fact, I only took a single snap during the entire visit.

Spencer escorted me to the University Center, where a statue of Minerva stands.  Students apparently leave offerings of apples at her feet in hopes of doing better on tests.  However, one enterprising devotee had climbed up and deposited an apple in her outstretched hand, which must have been quite a gymnastic feat.  Even though the apple was gone by the time we arrived (that was the reason she brought me there as she had seen it yesterday), I captured the scene.

Spencer’s final observation was a bit inspiring to her old man.  She acknowledged a goddess of wisdom was appropriate, but expressed confusion by stating “I don’t get why we have a Roman goddess on campus”.   It took me a moment to grasp her observation, but everything clicked when I recalled their college mascot is “The Spartan”.  Wow, I guess she is paying attention!

cotton_foam says:
awww...sweet time with your daughter...
Posted on: Jan 04, 2016
spocklogic says:
The Greeks fought with each other for dominance, but Sparta was actually friends with the Roman Republic of the time, and served as an ally during the Punic Wars, which the Romans fought with Carthage. The Greeks had a lot of conflict with Carthage too, so it made sense for Sparta to team up with early Rome.
Posted on: Jan 04, 2016
vances says:
Yes, studying would be hard core....
Posted on: Sep 20, 2015
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Minerva on the UNC-Greensboro camp…
Minerva on the UNC-Greensboro cam…
photo by: vances