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The entrance to the Grand Bazaar
The Baths always spring to mind when thinking of Turkey so of course we had to try them out.  We were told to try the one near the Grand Bazaar as that's suited more to tourists and are less likely to be as brutal as those specifically for the locals.  So after breakfast we headed out looking forward to the Bath, yet weary of being crushed by the large hairy Turkish men.

It was nice and relaxing to be sitting on a large slab of marble in a steam room - you could really feel your body loosening up.  The body scrub was quite harsh with the washer grabbing various limbs, scrubbing with towel and soap, occasionally grunting and I think enjoying trying to remove our skin.  We definitely felt A LOT cleaner afterwards so top marks on that.
Enjoying a beer while watching the cricket
  The massage part was quite painful for the guys with the Turkish blokes applying full body weight while trying to crush any spirit we had.  The girls were slightly dissapointed by the fact they weren't subject to the same abuse.  At certain points it felt like they were trying to rip our arms off.  Felt fantastic once it was over that's for sure and if we come across a Turkish Bath on our travels I'm sure we'll visit it again.

The girls got the extended pampering package at the Bath so Jamie and I hobbled out onto the street in search of a well earned beer and a spot to watch the cricket.  On the way to the Bath we'd seen a pub advertising the match so we headed there to check they would be showing it and at what time.  Whilst there we met a couple of blokes that are involved in organising the ANZAC celebrations at the Cove.
Happy days
  It was great to sit and have a chat for a little while we waiting for the girls to finish up.

We all met up at the Grand Bazaar as we all wanted to take home a few memories from the trip.  We spent a few hours wandering around and in the end all the shops looked the same and sold the same stuff.  This was handy for bargaining as if you didn't get the price you wanted at one shop, there was a good chance of getting it elsewhere.  We bought a few little things like a mini shisha and some of the flavoured tobacco.

After all the walking we decided it was time for rest and drink and see what's happening in the cricket so we headed back to the pub and took a seat.  Unfortunately it was raining at the cricket so they were showing a reply, but that didn't stop us from having a couple of beers.  A mate of Jamie's happened to drop into the pub and mentioned they'd found a pub a little further down the road with much cheaper beer.  We didn't really need any more convincing so we headed off.  The great thing about the new pub was that it was about 20 metres away from our hotel so we knew we didn't have far to stumble after the cricket.

We watched Australia's innings at the bat before ducking out for some local cuisine which was great.  The girls all decided they weren't interested in going back to the cricket so they headed back to the hotel leaving Craig and Jamie at the crease for a few more beers.  As the game was so delayed and Sri Lanka weren't doing all that great with the bat, the game got boring real quick so we called it a night.

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The entrance to the Grand Bazaar
The entrance to the Grand Bazaar
Enjoying a beer while watching the…
Enjoying a beer while watching th…
Happy days
Happy days
photo by: Memo