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So here i am.. Its 9pm on a wet tuesday night and im starting to panic..... In 6 days time i will be setting off on my tour of s/e asia and australia and im beginning to realise the enormity of what 1 decision has had on my life....... If i go back 6 months, back to when i was squashed onto a ryan air flight returning to the UK from Barcelona, i realised what i wanted...... I wanted to travel.... I wanted freedom. So a couple of days later id booked a flight. Flying Qauntas to Bangkok then onto Sydney. I thought that was it, the hard part done. Should i start to get excited now or is it too soon..???? Once id told the world i was finally getting off my arse to do it i knew there was no going back.... It was only now i thought i ought to do a bit of research, what visas do i need, what injections etc etc.. I the spent the next 5 months looking into things, checking out accomodation, joining this great website :)

And now 6 days before i go i realise that ive lost that sense of freedom that i wanted. Ive given up my job, my car, my house, all my furniture divided between my friends and a couple of personal boxes at my dads but somehow i feel less free...... I think ive realised that its not about freedom anymore. How can one be free yet have to have the right travel insurance, the right vaccines, the right visas..?? Have i got everything i need, ipod, camera, diary, sun screen, toothpaste - the list is endless.... The cost of "freedom" is not cheap.

Maybe this grey day has got to me, dont get me wrong i am super excited about it, i just wonder what it would have been like to travel 20/30 years ago, when it really was exploring and finding new places.... Im sure they didnt worry about travel insurance then



lindah05 says:
­Good luck and have a wonderful adventure!
Posted on: Oct 20, 2009
Aopaq says:
A little late to finding your blog but I really enjoyed your comments about freedom. Hopefully, your travels will put that concept more into perspective for you. For me, freedom is more a state of mind than anything else and I would say you have definitely made the first big step toward this.
Hope you've recovered and are back healthy again!
Posted on: Oct 19, 2009
dieforu says:
so have a nice travel!:-)
Posted on: Oct 07, 2009
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