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Before I came to Kenya, I had equipped myself with Lonely Planet. Looking at the color pages and the information inside of the book was so fascinating. I was so excited to see and about to visit all the places. I talked to myself, "Should I take all my life savings just to visit all the places here." My mind said, "Life is only for once, you should take all your life savings, enjoy your life, visit Mt. Kilimanjaro, and go for Safari." Sometimes or most of the time we doubt about what heart says to us. Always think for the tomorrow makes us either ends up in the happiness or sadness. So, I decided to be a master of me, by not listening to my heart says.
Traveling is one of my biggest interests in this world. I think I was born to take journey far far away (smile).

On the way from Airport to the hotel where I stayed in Lukenya Savanna (45 mins drive), I couldn't stop looking at the horizon through the endless Savanna. Fascinated like a kid I was. As soon as the taxi that brought me and my other colleague from Indonesia to the resort, I was so amazed by Zebras, Gazelles and Wildebeest on the open land. I’ve never seen such things in my life before. I took my camera immediately and photographed those beautiful animals. Patrick, the nice taxi driver, didn’t mind to wait for me until I finished from enjoying the beauty of the animals. Well, after many days staying in the resort close to the Savanna, I got bored by looking at Zebras, Wildebeest, and Gazelles (such a shy animal). Almost every day after the workshop finished, I walked on the Savanna just to enjoy the nature and sunset, of course seeing the animals.
One day, I was astonished by a Giraffe that walk in front of me. It was so strange. I look at it and it look at me; we were silent, just like getting to know each other.
Hiking the rocky hill on Lukenya Savanna with some friends was also a great moment. From the top of the hill we looked the sunlight penetrated the soft clouds. It was very tranquil and serene. I am missing this moment.
Saturday, September 19th, some friends and I went to Nairobi National Park. We rent vehicles to the place and also for game drive around the national park. As soon as we knew the price to enter the park, we decided not to go in. It’s a lot of money. So, we went to Safari Walk inside the complex of national park.
It was not special. We just saw sad animals behind the electricity fence. This was the picture that I didn’t want to see. I was a bit upset. I really wanted to do game drive, but yeah… too expensive; besides I had to share with some friends the cost of the vehicles.
I was upset because I still had not gone to the places that I saw in my Lonely Planet. That’s why I went to Kajiado. But still, I really wanted to go to the National Park and Reserve and not wasting my time in Nairobi. I walked around with my friend Gibson (one of the participants) in Nairobi and he invited me for lunch one day before I went back to Indonesia. He showed me Nairobi. We went to August 7th Memorial Park (used to be US Embassy, but bombed by terrorist several years ago).
Across the memorial park, we saw a big greenish bush park by the road. Two guys next to the bus approached and greeted us. They told us that they were from Kenya Wildlife Service, a government organization that organizes national parks and reserves in Kenya. Suddenly the grey cloud upon me was disappeared and changed into blue sky and white clouds when they told us, “We provide vehicles for people who want to go to Nairobi National Park for free, but the entrance is not free. It’s 50usd for non-residents”. I didn’t care about the amount of the entrance. I just didn’t want to die in regret. So, I said yes to the guys, and said goodbye to Gibson, because he couldn’t join me.
I sat nicely on the bus Kenya Wildlife Service. I talked and laughed with local people (there was only two non-locals in the bus – me and a guy from Arkansas). I took pictures all the animals that I’ve never seen before. Unfortunately there were no big cats; we were too early for big cats; and no elephants, because it was so dry and hardly enough grass for them to eat. They were moved to the highlands. But still, I really enjoyed the afternoon. I took pictures from the bus and smiled.
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photo by: easyjobrob