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The most interesting past few months, to say the least.  
I was in Missouri a few months ago, bored to tears, and soooo ready for an adventure.  I'd just gotten back from my Florida winter, playing on my property on the Suwannee river, building a treehouse,and making it to about 6 weeks of Rainbow Family communion.  I had to get back home, because the place had some serious problems while I was gone, ie: tenents not paying, frozen and broken pipes... my handyman person being extremely derelict in his duties.  The end result being an empty house with a 900 dollar past due electric, a 400 waterpipesbroken bill, a giant mess from 3 vacated apts.... in otherwords, a pretty daunting mess.  But, for some reason, I am unreasonably attached to this house.... as evidenced by my heroic efforts to rebuild after the fire distroyed a good 25% of it in 2005

So, a friend came back from the gathering to help me get it together, and it was amazing how well it all fell into place.  Of course, there was the problem of being three months behind in the mortgage, but with three moveins plus deposit would cover that problem.
Then came the dream that put everything in motion.Gotta love dreams that put events in motion.  Five says, "No motion without E motion." 
Nipple, the dharma guy who offered to help me, said to me after I'd related the dream, "Why don't you call him?  Maybe he's calling you."   
Sounded like an exciting idea, of course, never knowing precisely where the first steps will eventually lead.  But willing to find out.   So I called him.
Him is Nature, a large part of my life, present or not, since 2001.  A long haired, student guitar player, lazy hippie with an attitude and some serious issues.  Never quite sure why I cared so much, but care I did.  Never have quite let down my guard enough to feel that way since.  A beautiful wrenching song came out of it, though, and for all the emotion good or crippling, it was an incredible experience for my soulgrowth.  
( )  In case you're interested.
So, long story short, I packed up all my stuff, put it in storage, grabbed up my Bordoodle and my cussin' Parrot, and rode off like the Beverly Hillbillies in my pickup with everything except a rocking chair strapped to the roof, and drove to Woodstock NY to be with Nature. 
I went garage saleing a few times, and once I found this boat halfhull, I thought it would make a nice shelf for the Bird's food.  Then I went to a flea market, and saw a book on piloting and small boat navigation.  I'd been thinking sailboats, and editing the Talia story, not to mention  following the story to Mexico in real life, so I bought it for 3.00. 
Life was sweet for about a week. We reminisced and had some lovely days.  I moved in, made nice meals, cleaned and organized, filled the house with food.
This is the part where the needle scratches across the vinyl record album with a loud screech and begins to play a different song altogether.
I wasn't there quite two weeks, when he got angry at something so trivial I can't even remember, and screamed "get the fuck out".  Oh, yeah, and I was 18 days out of surgery, too. 
I stayed another week to heal a bit more,  then went to his Mom's in Cleveland (she and I have always been close) and helped her get started in making items to sell at festival's, namely tiedyes of all types.  I also read up and learned screenprinting, to embellish the tee shirts, but mainly because I have many irreverent things to say, and tee shirts are a great message media. We went to garage sales to find white tee shirts and displays.  Thats when the wooden ships wheel came to me.  Kat bought it for me, because I was broke.  It was beginning to become apparent that there was a pattern developing.
I was not ready to give up with Nature, so after 6 weeks, and a couple hundred teeshirts, a 5 day festival and 2 flea markets, I went back to NY.  One of the first things I said was, We can fight if we must, but please don't ever tell me to get the fuck out again, because I will do so, and this time I don't think I'll come back.
On the 3rd day he screamed it again, this time threatening to throw parrot and cage out into the yard if I didn't IMMEDIATELY vacate his cabin.  It was over him not being able to find his package of socks, because I had taken it out of the middle of the floor and put it in his stuff, but forgot where I had put them.
On the 6th day I left.  I did a library fair, and made a few hundred bucks, and headed south, with no clear destination, just a plan to see how bad the Suwannee river flood had damaged my place.  Turns out the treehouse was fine, but the motorhome was shot. The water completely covered it for almost a month.  I stayed for 2 weeks, tore out all the rotted stuff in the motorhome, got tore up by chiggers again, and decided that I couldn't tolerate the heat and the bugs.  Mosquitos were having a population extravaganza, and I wasn't really accomplishing much but making more of a mess.  I packed up again, and headed to Marrianna for a few days to visit friends and hang out at the river.  I got anothe batch of tiedyes done, made some friends, found a lady who offered Boo a complete checkup, booster shots, and neutering.  Then I decided that signs had been pointing me to the coast.  So, I spent a rainy day by the water, got bored, and went up to camp at a place called Hickory landing.  I ran the fan too long on the battery, and killed it, having to wait until someone showed up to give me a jump.  Being bored, I started looking on craigslist on my phone, and happened to find 2 guys looking for someone to go sailing.  I went and met them, choosing the more experienced captain, (mainly because he liked my dog) and began learning about the boating lifestyle.  I'd had a sailboat with my husband for a short time 25 years ago... but when he took me out for my driving test, it all came back, including the love of the water.  I've since found out that the book that first came in NY is actually the sailors bible, Chapmans, and my ownership of said book was part of the reason I was suitable for a crew position.  I do tend to have a problem maintaining a subordinate position comfortably for long, and I kept flashing on my handyman Brian calling me La Capitana whenever we were working.
Maybe its a pastlife memory or just an innate Alpha thing, but I realized I didn't want to be a lackey on someone else's boat, but rather, that I wanted one of my own.  So, back to Craigslist.  This time with sailboats as the search item.
So, in a few hours, I'm going to purchase (I believe, unless something is major wrong) a 25 foot Hunter sailboat.  I found a heck of a deal, and it looks like its a go.  Maybe I'll be SAILING to Mexico, instead of flying.  I'd forgotten to ask her name, so I asked Trey as we were setting the time to meet, because being who I am, I look for signs.
He replied, "Que Vida"
Translation?  "What a Life"!

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