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A German monument in our neighborhood

           For those of you are/have been a struggling college student, you understand the love affair one can have with cheap food such as ramen noodles. This is similar to my love affair with empanadas in Buenos Aires. Now, let me explain what an empanada is for those of you who don’t know. An empanada is a pastry that consists of a meat or vegetable filling. They can also have sweet fillings such as chocolate or strawberry for dessert empanadas. In a sense, they’re almost like a hybrid of a burrito and enchilada. Now this is not the best part about an empanada. The best part is that these babies cost sometimes as low as a peso a piece. That’s 30 cents in the US!!!!! This is precisely why Luqman and I have been FEASTING on empanadas throughout this entire trip.

Kids playing soccer in Buenos Aires

            Consequently when Brandon finally arrived, we thought we’d share the “secret” with him. He seemed to share in our enthusiasm for empanadas and followed us to the restaurant next door that was selling them. We arrived at the restaurant and Luq ordered 4, I ordered 3 and Brandon ordered… well… let me tell you what he said, “um quiero UN empanada.” Translation: I want AN empanada. Luqman and I stared at him in disbelief. How on earth could he only get one of these Argentine treasures?! It didn’t make any sense to us! When we asked him why he only ordered one, he told us it was because he was afraid that he might not like them so he didn’t want to order a lot. At that point, all we could do was shake our heads.

Polo grounds that Luq passed on his run
We headed upstairs to eat our empanadas and then decided to go watch a movie.

            After we ate our empanada dinner, we walked to Alto Palermo to go to the movie theatre. Unfortunately, we arrived at a time when most movies had just started. The only American movie close to our time frame was “A Perfect Stranger.” We bought our tickets and decided to walk around the block some more because we had about an hour to kill. We walked around the block and discovered a health/organic food store. We went inside and Luq purchased some dates and tea and Brandon purchased some prunes. Now that was probably more detail than most of you care to know, but I just wanted to share in case some of you wanted to know. Anyways, after walking around some more we made our way back to the theatre to watch the movie.

One of the many parks in Palermo
“A Perfect Stranger” stars Halle Berry, Bruce Willis, and Giovani Ribisi. It’s a suspenseful movie that consists of lots of plots and twists. I don’t know if I’d recommend paying to watch the movie. However it’s definitely a film that I would watch if it came on tv and I had the flu and was stuck in bed. It was on the scale of a good Lifetime movie.

            As we were walking home after the movie, Brandon shyly asked if we could stop back at the restaurant to get some more empanadas. Luqman and I both gave him the “I told you so” expression and nodded. Before we got the restaurant, we stopped for some DELICIOUS gelato at Munchi’s, one of my favorite ice cream chains in Buenos Aires. We made our way back towards home and stopped at the restaurant to pick up some more empanadas for Brandon. We came back and ate our gelato as Luqman and I briefed Brandon on our Buenos Aires experiences thus far. After talking some more and watching some tv, we called it a night and all headed to bed to rest up for another eventful day.  

KDeeDoubleU says:
That Brandon dude sounds kinda nice...

You should hook me up Hannah...

Posted on: May 13, 2007
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A German monument in our neighborh…
A German monument in our neighbor…
Kids playing soccer in Buenos Aires
Kids playing soccer in Buenos Aires
Polo grounds that Luq passed on hi…
Polo grounds that Luq passed on h…
One of the many parks in Palermo
One of the many parks in Palermo
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