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running the coast in Angel

Oct 22, 2009 - Finally found dorado (mahi mahi) down east of the Copalita River. In 280' of water hooked into a 15-18 lb dorado on a light spinning rod, when immediately the line next to it went off too. I landed the dorado and let him beat the hell out of my boat while I picked up the other rod just in time to see a huge sailfish leap out of the water twice, not the fish that I thought hit in the first place. I fought him for a bit before deciding that icing the dorado took greater priority and put the rod in the holder. When I got back to the sailfish, it seemed much less feisty and I hauled in a slightly dazed but still strong four pound barrilete. Apparently was a barrilete all along and while I was fighting the dorado, a sailfish came along and swallowed the barrilete before eventually spitting it out.

me fighting my 28 lb dorado - leapin' lunkers!
The barrilete didn't have a mark on it.  Fishing solo can get a bit crazy.

Oct 25, 2009 - Found dorado again east of the Copalita, between Majahual and Barra de la Cruz. Took my friends Antonio and his wife Erika and Mariano out  and fished primarily with spinning gear. We landed two ten pound dorado that were acrobatic and great fights, and about five barrilete. Mariano got one barrilete on his fly rod. Though Erika seemed to hold up well, Antonio said later that for all her talk of women enjoying the same things as men and being able to do any of them, she said toward the end of the trip - "no, you're right, some things are for men, fishing is one of those things". She thought the dorado were so beautiful - they are - it was a tragedy to keep them.

Mariano fighting a dorado
But I'm in the business of eating dinner, so I have to put such considerations aside.

Oct 29, 2009   Dorado were thick again east of the Copalita, fishing 4-5 miles out. Within an hour, raised a sailfish that broke the line, and got a 35+ lb dorado to side of the boat before the piece of shit hook bent totally open and it got off. In short order after that one line tangled I had to cut, and Rene broke the line on the spinning rod I was letting him fight a barrilete with. The knots you have to tie in braided line are a pain in the ass, and all of a sudden I had three broken lines on the reels with braid on them. I was a visibly mutinous captain about to turn on my crew. But quickly after I got one of the lines back out again I got a 28 lb dorado that kicked my ass for a bit before we finally gaffed him and hauled him on board.

Rene givin' his fish what fer
 Then we added three more of  10, and 9, and 7 lbs.  Saw sea snakes, turtles sexing each other up, and had a great time after such an inauspicious start.  My friends here are ecstatic with my boat. I'm ecstatic with my boat. It's such pure joy every day I'm on the water here.

Nov 1, 2009   Was supposed to go fishing with Antonio but he got in at 5am from a Halloween night out so he didn't show. So off solo again, the Chocolate Giant and the sea. Nabbed one dorado pretty quick, got another one to the boat later I lost, but otherwise not much going on fish-wise. The creepy thing was I saw like 100 sea snakes over the course of the time I was trolling a debris/water change line. Lots of turtles as usual and the cool thing was the playful spotted porpoises zipping back and forth in front of my boat, with water so clear you could see every bit of detail on them. They hung out with me a lot today, keeping me company.  Who needs people when you have a place like this?

TRE69 says:
The Sultan of the Sea!=P
Posted on: Dec 04, 2009
hirondellenhi says:
wow! glad to see Big fish back to the ocean again! :) Hope you have great fun!!!
Posted on: Nov 01, 2009
geerbox says:
Sounds like a blast!
Man I want a boat again...
Posted on: Nov 01, 2009
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running the coast in Angel
running the coast in Angel
me fighting my 28 lb dorado - leap…
me fighting my 28 lb dorado - lea…
Mariano fighting a dorado
Mariano fighting a dorado
Rene givin his fish what fer
Rene givin' his fish what fer
Rene and Captain Jorge, aka the Gi…
Rene and Captain Jorge, aka the G…
thats how I like my fish box
that's how I like my fish box
that dorado has some heft! at a be…
that dorado has some heft! at a b…
doesnt get any better
doesn't get any better
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