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Tilly's is a family restaurant

Last day in Dailly.

We decide not to go to yet another distillery

Dalmuir, Clydebank near Glasgow
+44 1389 878561 (not on their website, but from the whisky bible: ) 

I think that is a good decision.
All of us do what he wants or need to, a bit of private time was the only thing lacking the program, !learning point!.

I need to go to the pipes factory again to collect a few drones for our pipe band. I have a swift journey to and fro. At Mccallum I am helped real quick and every thing that I need is already packed. They realy know what it is to give service to customers.

I make reservations at Tilly's, the restaurant we frequent when visiting Dailly.

After enough private time we decide to go to girvan for some souvernirs:) (yeah, we too) and we go to some shops we haven't visit, and end in a pub called The fish Inn, where they sell the largest glasses of whisky of all pubs we have been in! (35 in stead of 25 cl.)

In the evening we visit Tilly's and have our meals in the cosy ambiance of a living room. Tilly's isn't big, but they cook nice meals and charge a fair price. I have been there often enough, and always had a good meal. Today the daughter serves us (she was just passing by:) and son Davis helps in the kitchen.
Dad works on a farm and trains Border Collies and their owners to herd sheep.

Lentil soup
Work/Hobby he also performs on the continent. Tilly's is for sale, because they started a Bed & Breakfast.

As usual the food is good. At the end of the evening we are the only guests left, and we have our sweets. Unsurpassed: Banofi pie. Sweet made with banana, toffee, cream and ice. Yes I licked my plate, and I do not regret it. My friends had sticky toffee pudding with ice cream, also very, very good. After a coffee and a rusty nail, we had to pay 8 pounds more than we had (that moment) but we didn't have to do the dishes, cause the owner took our word (boyscouts honour) that we would pay the next morning:)) (so we did)

We walked home the dark road with our heads full of a good evening!!

Tilly's > General Restaurants in KA9 area
Tel: 01465 811888 - 78 Main Street, Dailly, Girvan, Ayrshire, KA26 9SD

(Note on food: While making this blog I was cooking the sauerkraut leftover from yesterday, when I remembered myself that the taste of onions improves by adding whisky. I can tell you first hand that adding a wee drop of whisky (at the end of the cooking process) enhances/augments the taste very much!!!)

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Tillys is a family restaurant
Tilly's is a family restaurant
with the kitchen in the back of th…
with the kitchen in the back of t…
Lentil soup
Lentil soup
No starter
No starter
Giant grill plate
Giant grill plate
Poor-boy (he is pooring the drinks)
Poor-boy (he is pooring the drinks)
Detoxing, werent we?
Detoxing, weren't we?
Tillys famous Banofy pie (mine:)
Tilly's famous Banofy pie (mine:)
Sticky toffee pudding with ice
Sticky toffee pudding with ice
Tillys motor in close-up (right)
Tilly's motor in close-up (right)
photo by: huibdos