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The distillery

We wake up.
The sun ain't gonne shine anymore...
Rain is drizzling down, while we are heading to Glasgow.
It has been a year since I visited Glasgow, but I think I remember the Cambridge street car park. Eva is a bit crazy, and doesn't take the fastest, but the shortest road through Glasgow. Us entering the carpark comes at a complete surprise!! It stopped drizzling, so we walk through the pooring rain to a pound shop, where we buy an umbrella each.

We are half way down the street as it stops raining. We have not much time, so we eat at a fast food chicken restaurant (where they won't sell pork)
It takes a long time for this fast-food to be prepared, but we are sitting on nice couches sipping Coca Cola (Diet Coke for me:) I was glad it wasn't PepsiX) and get our meals served by the enthousiastic cook.

Our teacher
The tables and chairs are taken out: no more rain today!

Again Tom Tom takes us via a shortcut to Dumgoine (not on the map, no points) and just in time for our tour through the distillery we arrive at Glengoynes'. I read the brochure of Glengoyne on the internet, and found out that they offer a distillery tour, some distillery tours with a tasting, the Master Blender session and the Glengoyne Whisky Masterclass. We have booked us a Master Blender session, that includes the tour and gives us the opportunity to make ourselves a blended whisky.

The tour through the distillery is good. Glengoyne is a very busy distillery, and everything is working. They make some very good malt whiskies here, worth tasting and taking home (not that it wil ever reach home, but you take it with you out of the shop:)
After the tour we have the Master Blender session. This means you can taste all kinds of malt whiskies, from soft to fully peated.
Based on a grain whisky you mix your own blend with the malts.

My friends have a great time tasting and mixing, I have a great time smelling and mixing cause I have to drive (you can hire me)

The seven glasses with a lid are tasting samples, the bottles with the red bulby things are the same wiskies for mixing.
(We realy had a great time, but shame on me: I forgot the name of the lovely lady who lead our tour)

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The distillery
The distillery
Our teacher
Our teacher
In the sample room.
Contrary to p…
In the sample room. Contrary to …
On the master blender session...
On the master blender session...
... you are supposed to make your …
... you are supposed to make your…
photo by: huibdos