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The colour of autumn
Autumn is the most colourful but also most changeable season here in Germany. The months of autumn are like a popping suitcase that ejects a different surprise whenever you open the lid!
Autumn can be lovely and bright with heaps of motley, rustling leaves, ripe and juicy fruit, polished brown chestnuts and mushrooms all over the place, self-made kites, steaming cups of tea, ... the list seems to be rather long.
Autumn can also be the dismal and freezing harbinger of winter including grey, rainy and much too chilly days on which you would like to stay in bed for the rest of the day. Unpleasant precipitation, no sunbeams, sniffing noses and coughs seem to make the leaves less golden and the whole atmosphere more depressing.
Unfortunately this year's autumn has been more like this uncomfortable blanket of dull greyness so far but nonetheless there have already been some rare warm and jolly highlights that brought the smile back to peoples' faces.
A burning sky in the morning
The little tots are pleased 'cause they can splash in countless of puddles, windy weather is the pure invitation to fly a kite, dried fruit, cider and home-made jam are the tasty results of a successful harvest and starry nights, crystal clear air and fiery sunrises allow to experience a few welcome moments.
However, if you're travelling through the country you can capture both these brilliantly idyllic and also those bleak impressions! But it doesn't matter too much as long as you're on the move and enjoying life as much as possible!
ik-ben-10eke says:
Definitely worth some smiles Kora, this is a beautiful description of the favorite Autumn season.
We have a fire burning, and I just had a cup of hot chocolate, looking outside the window to the black silhouette of a birch tree against some fast moving grey clouds.
Posted on: Nov 28, 2009
reikunboy says:
beutifully written, great pics
Posted on: Nov 24, 2009
moshers_moll says:
I agree with all afore-mentioned comments,very well written. Most descriptive,signs of a good writer to make one feel as we're there with you. Wish I'd written it! :)
Posted on: Nov 24, 2009
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The colour of autumn
The colour of autumn
A burning sky in the morning
A burning sky in the morning
A brighter moment...
A brighter moment...
Nearly all of the leaves are gone …
Nearly all of the leaves are gone…
Some colourful remains from bright…
Some colourful remains from brigh…
The suns going to sleep ...
The sun's going to sleep ...
Once upon a time on a cloudy and w…
Once upon a time on a cloudy and …