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HIV/AIDs, orphans, poverty, starvation, drought. What the hell have I put myself up for? Well, today's finally the day and the first leg of my trip, which somehow is meant to be the most comfortable... going with a company, having a detailed itinerary, staying in one place, it suddenly seems so daunting. That, and my biggest fear may be realised... I may cause a kerfuffle. I have an almighty fear, wherever i go, whatever i do, that in some way, shape or form, i WILL cause temporary discomfort or annoyance to someone. For the first time, i'm on my own, so that fear is bigger than ever.

Whereas most people would have spent the first few weeks leading up to this worrying about danger like abduction, muggings, rape, getting lost, these things don't scare me. I'm a stupidly confident person in the face of these dangers. And way too trusting. I'll brush these off with a simple "meh. I've got a swiss army knife... It's got tweezers and everything!". No, the thoughts of these barely enter my head, 'cos in there, everyone is a possible friend. Everyone has good qualities. No. Everything is okay in that respect. The issue of the kerfuffle however; this terrifies me. I've spent the last month panicking about what to wear. It states on the website the offence will be caused if skirts or trousers over the knee are worn. And for girls.. it MUST be skirts. Yup. That has been my main worry. Can I, queen of kerfuffle, manage to offend a whole COUNTRY just by wearing the wrong sort of clothes. I own no knee length skirts! They swamp me! I have little legs! Offence and kerfuffle here we come.

Nonetheless, away from my fears, I KNOW this is going to be everything I've waited for. New countries, new people, new friends. I feel so different to everyone else. Most of my friends at home have gone now. Off to separate parts of the country, leading separate lives, learning and settling into new routines... but for me... routine and comfort seem a long way away. I'll be going to uni... eventually... but at the moment uni seems so far away. Freshers? To me, THAT is foreign.

Okay, so enough of what goes on in my mind... now for the trip. First leg of this beast of an adventure is dedicated to that favourite accessory of Madonna's. Not a leotard, but orphans. I'll be spending the first month in Malawi, looking after AIDs ridden orphans. It's going to be heartbreaking, I will want to take them all home and introduce them to the wonders of pop-tarts and sponge-bob but hopefully instead, i can make a difference, just for a little while, to their lives.

This bit of the trip is with a company. I've been in contact with two girls on it too, I have their phone numbers, they seem lovely. This is why this feels so comfortable. The place we're staying; it's on the shore of a huge lake. There are tropical fish in the lake. We get porrige or toast for breakfast. COmpared to the daunting reality that will come in November of going off on my own.. THIS is pure comfort and ease.

On the way back though, we stop off in Kenya..Nairobi. Thats where i get the first taster of being all by my one-sees, 'cos, you see... i'll be staying and the others will carry on. I'll be staying down the road from a slum i did a case study on in gcse geography, I'll be organising stuff on my own. Meh. I don't care. Bring it on. I found this place where i can feed giraffes. Let's introduce THEM to pop-tarts :)

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photo by: planxty