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Dad's oldest sister and her children and grandchildren! One of my nieces is just 1 year younger than me! :O

I don't know how to spell this place correctly (I'll look it up later I guess), but we took the train and went south towards Gaoxiung. Dad's half-sister lives there with her husband and the rest of her family. Her son, Li Zi Peng, picked us up from the train station after we arrived and took us to see Rex and my aunt. She and her husband live in a home for the elderly. Although he is 10 years older than my aunt, he is very lively and was really excited to see us. He and Dad seemed to get along really well, updating each other and exchanging stories.

In the evening, Li Zi Peng drove us all to a huge hotel where we had a humongous Christmas feast. There were so many courses, I started to wonder when the flow of food would cease. The waitresses kept replacing our plates with new ones every time they brought a new dish out! Just when I thought we were done, they brought out a dish that consisted of a large shell filled with a mix of seafood that was topped with cheese and then baked. It reminded me of chicket pot pie, without the chicken or pie... but still kind of similiar, if you know what I mean (maybe not...). I wanted to take pictures of all the food, but I thought it would be kind of annoying because everyone already lives in Taiwan and has probably seen the stuff before and there were too many things to take pictures of, so most of it's floating around in my memory somewhere, I hope.

After dinner, we all went out for a walk around the city, with the exception of Li Zi Peng, who drove his mom and dad back home. The rest of us tried to walk off all the food we ate by wandering down to the harbor. Some of my nieces asked me a lot of questions about things in America. They would ask if we had (insert Chinese words here), then I would have to ask them to explain what they were asking about using different words, and we would carry on this awkward conversation for a while. They were amazed when I told them that American garbage trucks didn't have ice-cream-truck music coming out of them when they drove by to collect our garbage. I think one of them tried to get me to teach her some bad words (but I'm not entirely sure).

We went to the Gaoxiung Fisherman's Wharf and then back to the hotel to meet Li Zi Peng returning from the home. We all said our goodbyes and Dad, Rex, and I went up to our rooms in the hotel. Dad said that his sister's husband was a really generous person, and that is definitely true. In addition to the fancy dinner, he had reserved two rooms for us in the fancy hotel. Rex and Dad shared one, and I got a whole room to myself! Everything was super clean and I slept great.

*Sorry if this journal entry was over-detailed - I'm trying to relive the experience.

portia says:
Hi, use the spelling Kao-Hsiung,Taiwan, and you then pick Kao-Hsiung, Kao-Hsiung Shih, Taiwan for the city in the south part of Taiwan! It would be much better to show the real locations on your trip map.
Posted on: Feb 06, 2006
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Dads oldest sister and her childr…
Dad's oldest sister and her child…
photo by: Helen