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...and in sports news - giant pale man streaks the San Siro stadium in Italy

26th August 2007

Milan, Italy (euro trip part 14)

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Italy wasn’t part of the European Invasion plans before we set of what seemed like many many weeks ago now, and it was more of a stop off along the way to Spain. Milan was on the way, so we ‘might as well stop there’ was the logic of thinking.  On the way there we had a quick 10 minute stop over in Venice that left me shocked to discover the train was in fact running on steel rails. From what I had leant when I was growing up I was expecting the trains to be floating on water ready to be pushed along with a big stick by a greasy train conductor with spaghetti stains on his white vest top. It shows you can’t believe everything you ready in education books.


As we approached our hostel it appeared we were going to get a room with a view – there were a load of Italian brasses plying the age old trade right outside the entrance. And what’s more we were to later learn that they refused to have anything to do with the English. I couldn’t blame them really either, what with the latest outbreak of foot and mouth disease half the world was now boycotting British Beef. 


Our first night in the hostel introduced us to some crazy Scousers and Mancs who generously paid for us to get bladdered on the first night at a local bar that charging 5 euros a pint and ran by a guy who was seriously pissed off and unwelcoming towards us. He made Gordon Ramsey’s tantrums look like, er, my imagination is failing me here. It made it look normal. God, that was rubbish. Anyroad, with those prices I thought ‘Send me back to Romania and its 30 pence pints, that’s what I say!’ Then there was the Scouser Chris who was funny as fuck. He was telling us about this mate who received 27 years inside prison and hat mate who got 8 years inside and all about the gun crime that was going on. He wasn’t a candidate to become the local tourist ambassador you could say. What else did w do there? The Italian football was kicking off and caught Inter Milan play Udinese at the San Siro for 20 euros, other than that there was fuck all really as this part of Spaghetti Land is closed at weekends cos of Milan being more a financial city. We did however eat at Italian restaurant where the guy was a famous poet who kindly gave us his autograph on a booklet of himself. That’s right, I didn’t know him from adam.


To Spain everybody!

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...and in sports news - giant pale…
...and in sports news - giant pal…
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