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Ponte Scaligero: Castelvecchio (Old Castle) Bridge across the Adige River with Castelvecchio Tower.

After my meeting in Erice I was to visit my friend Giorgio in the north of Italy, but he took off to Romania with his girlfriend before I arrived. Couldn't be helped he said and was planned for some time, just didn't know when. Well, it turned out to be just before I arrived. So, there I was in the north of Italy, no plans, no reservations, just me and a week left before I was to return home. So, I decided to go to Verona first. Because it was Opera season there were not any hotels with reasonable rates to be had, and only ones at inflated prices. It did no good to complain and the staff at hotels I visited would give a shrug and say in a superior manner, "Afterall, it is Opera in Verona, Sir".

View from the Castelvecchio Bridge along the Adige River. Bell tower of Basilica di San Zeno is seen at left of center.
Well, La-di-da and I was determined not to pay the highly inflated rates and didn't have the money in those days anyway. Long story short, and the only hotel I found that was charging normal rates was located a bit away from the city center, maybe 10 minutes by taxi away. I wouldn't say it was walking distance, but you could if necessary. Anyway, that's how I managed to find the ass-end of Verona, so to speak. It was in the worst neighborhood of any Italian city I've ever been in, with prostitutes, drug dealers, homeless people and other assortments of seedy characters. I minded my own business and was not bothered, but it's a recipe for trouble in being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I just used taxis to and from the hotel and I did get out and about when I could, and took a day trip to Padua (which I will cover in the next entry). I'll return to the Verona experience after my next entry on Padua for more stories about my stay here. Just a few photos for now that I took on the first day roaming around, plus one of my friend Giorgio who I didn't get to see, but he did send me a picture of himself back then, which he named Iofox, and I sort of gathered the humorous meaning.

spocklogic says:
@ Chef - I do loathe a snobby hotel jerk clerk, guess it shows, eh?
@ Jim - Perhaps, or at least it's not all like Hollywood would have you think.
Q Bill - That's the straight truth for sure! Verona's got a seedy side you won't find in the tourist guide!
Posted on: Aug 13, 2013
Zagnut66 says:
Now you can brag that you saw the areas outside the tourist brochures!
Posted on: Aug 13, 2013
rsvpme says:
Welcome to the real Italy, perhaps...........?
Posted on: Aug 13, 2013
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Ponte Scaligero: Castelvecchio (Ol…
Ponte Scaligero: Castelvecchio (O…
View from the Castelvecchio Bridge…
View from the Castelvecchio Bridg…
View from the Castlevecchio Bridge…
View from the Castlevecchio Bridg…
My friend Giorgio (Iofox)
My friend Giorgio (Iofox)
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