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chefs at a contest
It's Monday and I found the results of the Food Festival contests everywhere, hahaha, website, newspapers, tv. These are the winners or should I say the places I have to try until the next Festival, hahaha.

Best Anticucho: Gloton's (tried with a TB after the Festival and it was so good)
Best Sandwich: La Pava (not much into sandwiches... but would go and take a look and maybe a bite too)

Main dishes - local food:
Best Causa: La Preferida (have eaten here, but not the causa)
Best Arroz con Pato: El Cantaro (located in Chiclayo, next trip there I know where to go for local food)
Best Lomo Saltado: El Grifo (this restaurant is located in Callao, at a gas station)
Best Ceviche: 2 piratas (located in a dodgy area)

Best Picarones: Pit's (tried with a TB after the Festival and was very very good)

Best Pisco Sour: Queirolo (they make their own pisco too. Have tried it, a classic. Thumbs up!)
Best new cocktail with Pisco: Bravo Restobar (always wanted to go and now I found a reason to go, hahaha)

These restaurants were the winners, although we all are winner if we can try their food.
I think TB's meet ups would take place in some of these places...

yadilitta says:
Causa is a traditional dish. It consists in 2 layers of mashed potatoes with yellow pepper, salt, pepper and lime with tuna or crab meat or chicken in the middle. So fresh and tasty!!!
Posted on: Oct 08, 2009
geerbox says:
So what is causa?
Posted on: Oct 08, 2009
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chefs at a contest
chefs at a contest
the judges
the judges
photo by: rsvpme