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After flying out of Hong Kong at 10pm and having my seat changed and being served crap food I made it into Bangkok just past midnight. Cleared customs and caught a taxi to the hostel. I checked into my hostel with no problems and went to bed. Next morning I got up and went temple hopping. Afterwards I took a tuk tuk out to a suit shop that was recomended to me by a friend. Spent way too much but very nice suits!
Later on in the night I met up with some guys from the hostel and had a few drinks and experienced the infamous pat pong road..Saw some interesting things involving beer bottles that are better off not being repeated!

The next day I was hung over so the group of us went to McDonald's for breakfast and spent the majority of the day relaxing in the back of a tuk tuk drinking.
Turns out two Canadians I were drinking with the night before also brought suits so the three of us went in for fitting. Ill pick mine up on the way back through Bangkok for home in two months. Later in the night we watched movies and made it an early one.

On the third day of Bangkok I took off to the Weekend Market. Alot smaller than I was expecting. I brought a pair of shorts as somehow I doubt I will use my jeans much any more.

Fourth day is spent relaxing in the sun.  After a few beers and chatting to my canadian mates and one of the girls who works at the hostel we found out she speaks and writes multiple languages so we got her translating stuff. Later in the night she took us out to a tattoo shop and did some bargaining like only someone who can speak the local language can. I now have a new tattoo. Number three. All done on a different continent.

On the fifth day its time to catch up with my tour group. So change hostel. Fingers crossed its a good group and a mix of nationalities. I'm partially wishing I was traveling on my own still but too late now so lets just go with it!

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