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As I guessed Kosovo is mainly Albanians. You can tell by the white skull caps that the older generation wear. The bus from Prishtina to Tirana is ahem interesting...Its a mini van instead of a bus and just as well because Albania is all hills..In fact it makes New Zealand look flat!
I never get travel sick but even I was starting to feel queezy after going around corners for close to 5 hours. We left at 6am. Arrived in Tirana at 5pm, I got droped of at a round about and directed towards alocal bus..Problem is noone informed me which bus stop to get off at...and how could they..remember noone here except me speaks English!

So I do what I usually do and wing it and like every other time I end up in the middle of nowhere trying to milk directions out of taxi drivers so at least understand key phrases.
After walking around for a good hour with all my gear I find the hostel. I'm in a 3 bed doom. I drop my gears and are about to walk out when my roomie walks in so I say hello and carry on out. After finding a supermarket I come back...Its now 6pm and the lazy bugger is in bed sleeping!. I don't care if hes just got off a plane or had a hard night out...rule one when in a new country is to stay awake until 9pm to force your internal body clock to understand the new time.

Luckily for me theirs a small room upstairs which has the computers for use, because I don't believe in being quiet this early in the day.

The next day I spent walking and taking photos. I also sourced myself a bus ticket. Now just to be different you do not buy a bus ticket from the bus station. You buy it from a private company in town. Depends where you are going to what company you buy your ticket from.
My bus leaves at 6pm, arrives in Skopje at 3am. I was planning on leaving the next day but decided their was nothing left for me to do here and could do with an extra day in Macedonia so took off a day early.

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