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Arrived in the evening at the hotel, went out for dinner and did abit of shopping at the night market.
The next day I went for a Thai cookin class. afterwards I said goodbye to the people I was travelling with and transferred to the Green Tulip.
Spent the rest of the day sorting stuff out online and booking my weeks adventures through the guesthouse.

I got up early the next morning to head out for "Jungle Flight", this is zip linning from platform to platform high up in the trees. The longest zipline was 400m and about 100m high. Took 30 second to get from one end to the other.

Next day I finally got my well deserved sleep in! In the afternoon I met up with a mate I met in Bangkok who is now up these  ways.
He transferred to my guesthouse and I did abit of sightseeing.

Next day. Today I went rockclimbing. This is just as hardcore as it sounds. I am usually an enginzer bunny but after 5 climbs in the heat on grade 5 and 6. (French Grading) I was nacked and needed sleep. Unforuntly I had promised my mate tonight we would go drinking since I couldn' the night before so back to the guesthouse, shower and then we meet downstairs for food and to start our epic drinking session. Sangsom and Singas and the odd Chang and were off in the nightlife.

Next day. My head hurts!, every muscle in my body hurts!, my energy has gone bye bye...and I cannot find a cinema with English movies so are  stuck to sitting in my room at the guesthouse and "relaxing".

Next day...yup I'm in Chiang Mai for a while.
Today I am up early again. First up is elephant riding followed my mountain biking and then off for white water rafting. I'm loving this exercise!
Back at the guesthouse the two of us go out for a quiet dinner. hah!, two large changs later an were back at the guesthouse with a bottle of Gangsom and then town. In all fairness its my last night here so were partying.

I crawled back to my guesthouse at 7am. Did a half assed pack of my backpack, slept for 2 hours and then checked out.
I am now about to embark on a three day orgainised trek so transfered to the hotel where it starts, checked in and went to bed. Woke up 5 hours later and attended the meeting. We then went out for dinner and I came back to sort out my backpack. Pack everything I need for the next three days into my hiking bag.

Next day and final day. Early morning we check out and take a "private taxi" (Back of a ute) to the middle of nowhere where we start our trek.

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