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my friends that live in ny wanted to make sure that i got to experience the typical new york lifestyle.. aka, we walked EVERYWHERE! i am soo used to living in los angeles where driving everywhere is  extremely  convenient and there's a giant parking structure around every corner.. but ny is soo crammed together, that u can pretty much walk the whole island of manhattan in a day! (kinda :P ).. but seriously, it was a major culture shock! but i looveedd walking up and down the streets with my camera around my neck, jaw dropped to the ground as i looked up at every giant building and shivered in the cold new york air.. HOW FANTASTIC it was!!!
then of course there was riding the subway.. that was rather interesting :P i tried so hard to figure out which way we were supposed to go and how it worked! yea.. i still don't get it :P lol.. i think i'm spoiled over here in LA with out metro system.. it's just really easy to follow and use.. i swear, ny is soo much more confusing! i guess that's cos they use it more often so there's more stops and places to go with it.. unlike here, which is pretty basic.. besides standing underground and waiting for the subway with nothing blocking me from falling into the giant hole in the ground where the tracks are.. freaks me out just a little bit ;)
binky says:
The NYC system is easy to manuever after about a month. Intimidating at first, but then very easy to use, then you can give all your attention to the crazies!
Posted on: Oct 26, 2007
Bubbleso017 says:
haha i guess i'm not then? :P no but really, maybe i just didn't work with it enough.. but i get our's much better! :D haha.. oh well ;P
Posted on: Jun 28, 2007
Eric says:
wait...are you saying the LA metro system is better than NY's???? That'd be crazY!
Posted on: Jun 13, 2007
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time square
time square
me and nyc ;)
me and nyc ;)
scary subway :O
scary subway :O
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New York
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