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Days of the New
March 14, 2009
@ Claddagh Irish Pub (Downtown)
Indianapolis, Indiana

Provider (Live Video -->
Touch, Peel & Stand
The Down Town
Where It Ends
Orch of the Medium
first off as has become the standard for me as of late, I got a
later than planned start - and didn't arrive in time to load-in
and soundcheck : (
Once I got to Indy and located the venue, I spoke with a buddy
on the phone and was gonna meet him at the door, then spoke
with Brian and headed to the hotel instead. So we chill at the
hotel for awhile then it's time to go. Brian and myself drove
to the venue seperatly from the rest of the guys. Arrived at
the venue - straight in the back they had such a nice
comfortable warm room set up for DOTN & Seven Mary Three.
Few minutes til stage time, Mike's in the back tuning T's
guitars, Bubba's on stage finalizing everything with Paul's
kit, I'm on stage finalizing everything with Brian's setup. Head
back bring out the Taylor's and place em. Then I'm asked to let
the band know about a curfew in place forcing everything to be
wrapped up by midnight, so they had to finish up their set
around 10:30 or 10:45 at the latest. So that caused a few minor
last minute drops and swaps on the setlist for the night.
Started the show with the usual closer "Provider" and it was
done with just as much gusto as if closing. "Enemy" was up
next, Travis and Paul were really rocking on this one tonight.
"Touch, Peel & Stand" was a fun one for the crowd as always.
"Superhero" came next and it would've seemed as though there
were several repeats from the 8 seconds show a few weeks prior,
as there where many people up front singing along with the
chorus. "The Down Town" was good and dark. (Originally "Shelf
in the Room" was to be played at this point but was dropped)
"Where it Ends" I just can't help myself I love this one more
each time. Finished up the show with "Orch of the Medium" as it
allowed the guys to "dial in" the end of the set to within
minutes of the cut-time.
Immediatly after leaving the stage, Mike, Bubba and myself had
ot hurry up and get everything off the stage ASAP so that 7m3
could be set up. It's the fastest I've seen a DOTN stage
cleared in quite a while : )
Got to catch some of 7m3's set and what I caught I enjoyed.
Filmed a little of their set as well. Spoke with them a little
pre-show and post-show, all of em very friendly guys. Once the
gear was loaded Travis, Paul & Levi headed on down the road
back to the ville. Brian and myself stayed to rock out Indy
till the wee hours of the night : )
We hooked up with Shane and his wife (Great People by the way)
and bounced around from club to club til they started throwing
us out around 3am ish booooo lol. At that point it was time to
say f**k it lol Brian and I grabbed a bite to eat, and headed
back to the hotel to sleep for just a few hours lol Brian had a
gig in Louisville the next morning. So we were back up and out
on the road him South me North by 9am.
And so ended yet another great night : )
till next time : P

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