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What to say about Heath lol. That's one fu**ed up little
town in Ohio. Once again the soundcheck was filmed and it
was kind of odd as just as T started - they started
letting in tons of people. Finish up breakdown back to
the hotel. (Oh and by the way randomly the parking lot
at this place was like a fricking ice skating rink
Which resulted in the van getting stuck for a short
period. Anyway, we get back to the club pack in guitars
and such, and what the hell for some reason the venue
changed the stage monitors inbetween SC and the Set WTF?
why sc lol. so major audio issues at the beginning and
they haunted the stage all night. The guys were not able
to hear what the needed to in their monitors. And at
several point's in the show the monitors just went
So lol, during the intial opening of Orch since
they're having to re-check everything T is giving some
small vocal checks when the f***in mic goes dead. Got
a replacement up there fairly quickly but it was a
short little thing forcing T to play the show sitting
down. "Dirty Road" was attempted but was abandoned
before the end due to audio issues. However, all in all
with all the bs they had to contend with the show did
sound good in the end. The Heath, OH show was NOT filmed.
I started filming this show but shut the camera down
during the intro to Orch to focus on helping on-stage
due to the problems. I did TRY to audio this show at
the SBD however for some reason the file did not turn
out proper my recorder locked up and the file was lost.
Once again, there was another taper there. I'm pretty sure
he audiod from the audience as I was unable to get him
a SBD patch this night. But T went ahead through the
problems to play one hell of a show.
There were talks of doing another official "Live Bootleg"
in the near future. As well as talks of a special treat
to be revealed on the 27th in Indianapolis, IN. If I were
you I would drop everything and get my arse to that show.
: )
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photo by: diisha392