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Saturday March 7, 2009
@ The Back Bar
Janesville, Wisconsin

Orch of the Medium
The Down Town
Dirty Road
Dancing with the Wind
Touch, Peel & Stand
Touch of Anger
Shelf in the Room - Single Cam Video -
Where It Ends

allright first off let me just state a few things non show related.
first off IL your toll roads suck a** - fix the damn potholes! WTF!
Next I wanna thank all the cool people at The Back Bar in Janesville, WI.
OK so I got a late start as usual lol finally made it to Janesville, WI
sometime after 7pm. Went straight to the hotel to relax after the long drive.

Hung out with some great people and just relaxed for awhile. Stage time was
set for midnight so we had time to kill. Finally got the call it's time to
head to the venue. So me & my guests follow the band over to the club.
get the gear in and upstairs to tune the guitars. Carry everything down to
the stage and it's almost time to go : )
As per usual Brian and Paul start the show. When Travis came on-stage he came
with purpose. "Orch" was out of this world with T really getting into it as well
as Paul rockin' the drum kit. Followed by "Down Town" T was having some fun with
the vocal improv section towards the end of this one. Then into "Enemy" wich
really got the crowd going as if they weren't allready. "Superhero" was phenomanal
as always. "Dirty Road" with a super jammed out intro. With the intro jam the song
clocked in at a little over 11 minutes.
"Dancing with the Wind" was up next, some
have been saying T seemed to be holding back on the vocals for this song lately,
well certainly not this night he was wailing. "TPS" as usual really got the crowd
all worked up again. "Touch of Anger" was once again just like the indy performance
top notch. "Shelf" was nice and tight and had the crowd singing along.
"Where it Ends" - I'm blown away anew everytime I hear this one. Prior to the final
song of the evening T thanked the crowd and venue for making for a good experience
on the road. He was very happy with the overall outcome of the show. "Provider" to
finish with a big flourish at the end.
The show was amazing to say the least. T was in good spirits for the most part and
really got into the performance.
Back to the hotel to hang until rediculous hours of the morning lol : )
I had to run to Ottawa, IL on sunday morning and after leaving WI and arriving in
IL, got a phone call on the weather up there and made the final decesion that I wasn't
driving back up into WI for Neenah. It took the band 4 hours to make the 2 hour drive
from Janesville to Neenah, bad bad weather.
I made it back to Indiana and have been relaxing since.
Until the next time : )
which may be sooner than I planned : )

Sunday March 8, 2009
@ Revolutions Bar & Grill
Neenah, Wisconsin
CANCELLED (For Me Anyway : ) other obiligations in other states and some super nasty weather.
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photo by: esterrene