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Here we go again : )
Ok so the show was amazing : )

Orch of the Medium
The Down Town -single cam video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D81KKXnX894
Shelf in the Room
Dancing with the Wind
Touch of Anger
Touch, Peel & Stand ("Words" Tease during intro)
Where It Ends

My guest and myself ended up leaving Fort Wayne, IN a little too late to
catch the soundcheck. We arrived in Indy at the venue and met up with
Dave Carpenter & Michaela Barrett outside for a little while before
heading on in. Once inside found Brian and hung out at the club for a
little while before heading to the hotel.
Hung out and had a good time
for a little while, then it was back to the club to meet up with my
brother and sister-in-law. And yet more friends were to arrive : )
We were soon joined by Angie and Kali and we were one big goofy happy
family lol : ) By this time Michaela had allready nabbed a copy of the
final setlist for the night so we knew what was to come.
I ran around for awhile like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get
everything arranged for a SBD feed of the show. The club's soundguy was
here there and everywhere making it difficult. I wasn't able to get a
proper level adjustment before they were playing so my audio did not turn
out well, however, the show was well documented with video footage from
multiple sources.
Brian was very pumped to be playing with Ray again. You gotta remember
this line-up was the core line-up for the "Green" Studio album and Brian
hadn't played with Ray since 1999ish.

Ray and Brian start it off with the intro to "Orch", shortly thereafter
the Maestro strolls out into the spotlight and the crowd let him know how
happy they were to be there. (The crowd by the way was excellent - very
into the show) Ray tore "Orch" up with his drumming and threw in some
Harmonica for good measure. From there they went into "The Down Town"
with T doing some x-tra improving towards the end of the song. Then on to
"Superhero" which the crowd really enjoyed. "Enemy" was up next with T
backing off for a moment towards the end to allow Ray and Brian a moment
to jam. Then it was time for "Shelf in the Room" followed by "Dancing
with the Wind" done solo for the most part as has been the standard
lately until the end when everyone joins back in. "Touch of Anger"
sounded amazing at this show - not sure what it was but damnit it sounded
T then started up the intro for "TPS" he did the intro then during
the bridge from intro to song out of nowhere he threw out several lines
and played a few chords teasing "Words" then right into "Touch, Peel and
Stand". On to an amazing performance of "Where it Ends" - this is the
only time that Ray has performed this song live with the band and he did
it flawlessly. The Maestro finally broke his silence before launching
into the final song of the evening. To thank everyone and see how all the
"Hoosier's" were doing. Then into "Provider" and once again Ray just
poured every fiber of his being into the performance of this song, simply
We all hung and talked for awhile after the show, that is until the bar
finally threw us out which was quite funny, because of the way they
yelled it at us Brian took off running across the room yelling "GET THE
F**K OUT" lol it was hilarious.
Those that were driving home that night
headed on out (MB, Carpenter, Angie, Kali, My Brother & his wife). Then
it was back to the Hotel for the rest of us, where we split ways with
Ray, Meeks and Phil as they were headed back down to Louisville. So the
rest of us head into the hotel and meet up with Mark and Dana a few of
Brian's friend's whom I very much enjoyed meeting : ) We sat around the
hotel playing musical rooms lol (we had three rooms going and was just
randomly bouncing from one to the other) until around 4am at which time
me and my guest decided to call it a night and head on back to Ft. Wayne
to get some sleep.
Wisconsin here we come :)
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