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I arrived at the club in Columbus, OH around 5pm.
Got a phone call a few minutes later. The guys are
running late with some mechanical issues with the
van. By the time they got there and we got everything
loaded in and set up for soundcheck the club had
already started letting in people. So the soundcheck
itself was a little odd being semi-public (very few
people were in there). Most of the soundcheck was
filmed - and I may share a small clip in time since
it was semi-public. Broke down and headed back to
the hotel. I headed back to the club a little while
before them to meet up with another audio taper.
The show itself was great minus a few small bumps in
the road. The band was sometimes having a hard time
trying to relay info from the stage to the soundman.

And at some point some random drunk chick rushed the
stage and had her arms around T before security
finally pulled her off, but all ended well. The
venue itself was nice and the staff excellent.
(And if ya read this - thanx go to bubba & Jen (I'm bad
with names lol) for rushing the stage and helping
to fix some loose componets on Paul's drum kit :).
(as well as just being really cool & nice people -
they even came to the show in heath and brought
Paul some new sticks. Loaded out another show done.
The entire show was audio recorded with 3 different
rigs (2 - SBD / 1 - Audience). About 98% of the show
was filmed with 1 camera = second cam fell through :(
Unfortunatly a lot of the time the camera was just
propped onstage as I was busy helping out.
Went back to the hotel for a little while after the
show then headed out to let them get some sleep for
the drive to Michigan. I went on to my hotel and OH
I had so much fun at the motel 6 in columbus, OH.
Jackass's told me when I checked in the room was mine
until 11am Saturday morning - A**hole's kicked me out
at 11am Friday morning (6 f-in hours after I checked in)
WTF told me it would be anther 40 something bucks to
stay until saturday morning. Needless to say I didn't
continue my stay with them lol. Moved on up to a better

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photo by: PhinsAndGills