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...If you go only for a couple of days, you don't have enough time to see it all and you always want to come back, but if you go for a long period of time you will get sick and tired of monuments, buildings and statues... Trust me !
There are so many things to see and learn about paris that is never enough time to do it all, so you might have to scarify some your personal shopping time to "go sightseeing"... -But no me, honey !
I love the history and the museums, I actually went 3 times this year, to take some friends and also my Mom for a tour, so you might believe that I've done it all, but not. Paris always have something new and exciting to look at, there will always be a new store or cafe or a different place of interest that that you suddenly feel the need to discover and spend your time lost in the beauty of the city and its little streets and shops and shops and shops!!. I do try to shop while in Paris but it doesn't always happen. My favorite stores are in the way of Le Marais, where you will find many gay cafés, nightclubs, cabarets and shops too, also the Musée Picasso, that I love and recommend to all of you. Le Marais also has great restaurants and the food !!! mmm everything taste great in Paris.
I beleive the fist thing to do in Paris is to take the city bus,at least 2 center lines, check the stops and only get off in the one you really want to see, the Louvre is very time consuming for me, I must live in Paris one day to see it all. I recommend taking the center line that goes to Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame then the line that goes by the river side towards la bastille so you get to see the new side of the city as well, the Bibliothèque Nationale buildings are absolutely beautiful.
Goign back to the center, my favorite shop is BHV "Bazaar de l'Hotel de Ville" that is not only one of Paris historic department store but also the best place to find everything for everyone in one single location, best time to shop: "Vente" time ( sales time ). Things get extremely affordable.
One other thing to love about Paris is how trendy and Fab everyone looks even since morning hours the streets are packed with fashionistas dressed like they just came out of a store window... like from a very expensive one too.
The bad side of it, you can feel under dress even in the subway line. So either way, if you are a tourist, never underestimate your self and if you are in Paris, bring the DIOR bag to the tour! Please dont look like an American backpacker that will destroy the beauty of the wonderful pictures.
In June I was lucky enough to accidentally land in a friends PH in Rue Saint-Honoré, right in by Roberto Cavali store, what a view. There was only one thing, There are no elevators in the old Paris and we were in a "7 floor", good thing I travel light, but after a week of shopping my luggage double and I ended up doing 3 trips up and down the last day. I don't want to do it again. ever..!! So in July at the Westin with my Mom, we luckily got an upgrade to a wonderful master suit with a view of the whole Rivoli and a lift "of course". My Mom really enjoy it and I was so happy to take her around the city of lights and not worry about stairs.
But regardless of the tiring long walks or the long lines for everything, nothing really compares with the first time I get to see the Eiffel Tower when it shines.
It does it every hour... but I will always remember the very first time..!! That is why, I was camera ready for my Mom, her picture tells all, don't you agree?
After living in New York, you really never thing that Paris could still your heart as badly as it did to me. I will go back anytime. Paris has something NY hasn't... Romance.
But thank God there will always be Paris and New York.

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photo by: lasersurge