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Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head
Found my way downstairs and drank a cup, and looking up, I noticed I was late
Actually, we got up and went to this coolest of parks.....pagodas, trees that have vines that start new trees by hanging down and starting new trunks.  It was the darndest thing you ever saw.  A vine hanging from a branch growing right into the ground.  I am not getting over it soon. 
Then you have the most glorious government building at the end of the park where yesterday there were many old men and women in red hats (baseball caps) carrying signs telling the government to pay the money they are owe.  Presumably to the red hat wearing sign carriers.  We learned that the red hats were protestors, protesting the non payment for three years of their retirement.
Yesterday and today it was soooooo cold.   I froze my ass yesterday, Ling (her father is from the north was her explaination) was warm not cold.  I was warmer today because I dressed for it this time.  Well, we were strolling in the park and there were so many groups doing the most interesting activities.  Tables of card and checker players were surounded by on lookers, groups of integrated age and gender playing the hacky sack.  Groups practicing thi che, some with swords some with fans, big red fans and at a point when their movement comes to an abrupt stop the fans open or close with a resounding clap.  Quite impressive.  As it turns out the students pay the master for the orchestration and coaching leadership.   Then there is the dancing group.  Some of which are so graceful you would cry to see their movement and the others that may give reason for belly laughing, all together.  The faces in the crowd so interesting and
interested in staring at any foreigner or is it just me?
It is probably just me..............most of you know how appealing that is to me.  Me me me
After the park, Ling thought it a good idea to walk to the train station and arrange for our tickets to Shenzen.  It only took us about two hours to finally get there.  As it turns out everyone giving directions says it is only 10 minutes from there.  I think they ment if your were in the bat mobile or some chinese version of it.  At any rate we stopped and ate a couple of duck wings that were very tasty.  They cost 5 RMB (yuan) or about $2 for three.  We added our dragon fruit and something called youdes (you zhi) or something close which is like a grapefruit but no juice. a good little meal for $3.
Ling wants to take a nap now and if I am to get my back massage I better go.  Hee hee  How is everyone?  I hope you are well.
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photo by: westwind57