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Dear People,

If I thought I was in love, I was right.  I am.  How could I not be in love?  If you saw her, like I see her, you would be in love too.  It is OK to love being in love............right?  So, go right ahead.

We are sitting up at 3:50 AM writing to you.  We wanted to say hi.  Ling says hi everybody.  Gerilynn, Ling really really liked the necklace and bracelet you sent to her.  She said "beautiful, Ling like, Ling very very like, kiss kiss".  She has a cute way of expressing herself.  Thanks sis you did good.  When are you coming to China?I

It looks as if I am a natural english teacher.  I have been teaching Ling stuff (english stuff) without even trying.  She is saying shit alot.  I guess that is a big part of my vocabulary.  I have been trying to teach her shoot instead but that is going slower.  What do you think about crapola for in between shit and shoot?

We have been hanging out and chillin since yesterday morning.  We went to dinner and came back to the hotel...........no sight seeing yet.  Tomorrow we go to Shenzhen.  I hope we can stow all my luggage at the train station and go light to Shenzhen.

I was very disappointed to find that I could not load my videos on to my space or youtube for that matter.  It seems that there are restrictions on use of the internet from at least Korea, Hong Kong and China.  It just makes you appreciate the freedom we enjoy in  the good old United States of America.  That one was aimed at Joao.  Hee hee  Anyway I am sorry I cannot post the cool videos of the trip.  I hope I can find a way.  Some very cool little things to see.

Well Ling fell asleep so I think I will join her.  I hope everyone is well and happy.  Bill, Ling was thinking about you and so am I.  We are thinking about all of you.  I am telling lies making everyone look good to Ling.

Ok, sleep.  No need to dream, living the dream here.

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I wish I got your email an hour  ago.  As it turns out, I get out of the train and was approached for the offer of a cab ride.  Can you guess the rest?  Shit shit shit.  Well, fool me once?  My hotel room is about the same size as the cab which makes sense becaust the price for the room is the same as the PRICE OF THE CAB RIDE!  Oh Ling tells me that the station is around the corner from the hotel.  It was funny that the driver went out of his way to create the illusion of driving far for the fare.  He did drive far for the fare..........kinda of?

I won't be watching much TV unless I start getting into chinese soaps and kung fu movies

I think I already lost weight.  heeehheeee

Thanks for the encouragement.  Hope everything is well with you and yours.

Dear Everybody,
I cannot sleep.  2:14 AM, Guangzhou China.  I have been sleeping since 7:00 PM?  Or about that.  I awoke thinking the building was shaking a little then I thought earthquake, then I thought silly, then I thought......great, Ling will get here and I will be buried in a pile of rubble.  Well at least I am on the eleventh floor....not so much rubble to be buried under.........only four floors above me.  Well obviously no earthquake and no buried and I am wide awake waiting for Ling.
Got up this morning feeling fine,
had something spe cial on my mind.
Not the earthquake..............Ling!
My Ling is on the sleeper train coming from Nanning, OMG!  It will take her 12 hours and she arrives at 7:00 AM.  Very big day, today is!  We are just hours away from the first kiss.  How romantic.  Hee hee
Well that is the news here.  Bill, thanks for the tip about the cheating taxi cabs, all be it, a little too late and Ron, thanks for the positive encouragement, sorry I digressed about the earthquake thing.  I do take credit for recognizing that only three floors of rubble above me in the imaginary earthquake that buried me and I thought surely Ling would start digging for me as soon as she got here, so that is positive............right?    From here on out it is positive is as positive does.  I think $7,000.00 for the RV is a low price and you should get every bit of it. 
Well I hope you all are doing just fine.  See you next time.

photo by: westwind57