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Every year at high school, the school would arrange several activities for the students to do on the final week.  In my second year at school I was very lucky to be selected to go to Barcelona on a dance residential trip.  I was in 2nd year of high school and it was going to be a really great experience for me.  I was really glad to find out two friends in my year were going on this trip too.

Before we left for the trip we were split into two dance groups, which we'd be in for our dance classes in Barcelona.  Again I was glad to be put into a group with my close friends.  The groups worked out quite well because I wasn't stuck with too many of the younger girls, and having been a dancer since I was 4 years old I took the trip quite seriously.

We left by coach on Friday 14th July from our school and drove down to Dover for the ferry.  The coach journey that far was long enough!  The travel over the sea wasn't very pleasant as it was a stormy evening.  It was a fun experience but it's not much fun trying to walk when you nearly always fall over haha.  When we arrived at Calais we all got back onto the coach where we'd been spending a very significant amount of time!  I really didn't enjoy the coach journey through France and Spain, especially as by the time we got back to the coach it was dark and we were due to sleep.  One seat per person, a huge coach full of girls - it wasn't pleasant!  I didn't sleep very well but a little rest was better than none.  In the morning after I woke we stopped at a service station in France to get some breakfast and to use the toilets before continuing our journey.  Needless to say I was really thrilled when we finally arrived in Palamós - where we'd be staying.

Our coach dropped us so unbelieveably far from our hotel.  I was unimpressed after such a lack of sleep I had to then drag a huge suitcase, bags and pillows with me through street after street after street.

When we arrived at the hotel we had to choose our groups of who was sharing rooms.  I shared a room with one of the girls in my year, Becci, and 2 girls from the year below.  It was unfortunate our other friend couldn't share a room with us but as there were only 3 of us who knew one another and it was rooms sleeping 4 we decided it'd be best that 2 of us had a room with 2 other people who were already friends.  It meant no-one was left out and we were able to keep ourselves to ourselves. 

During our time in Palamós and Barcelona we were very lucky to do some really great things.  We got to spend a lot of time at our hotel, in the pools and jacuzzi and lots of sunbathing.  We were a few minute walk from the beach where we went every evening, and got to browse the market stalls and see the street parades.  We spent a couple of days at a gym in Barcelona doing dance workshops (not much fun in the boiling hot weather but still great!) and during out lunch there we took full advantage of the outdoor pool.  We spent an afternoon at a water park (I wish I remembered the name - it was amazing!).  We went to the Real Madrid football stadium.  We saw the very wonderful Sagrada Família.  We spent an afternoon shopping in Barcelona.  We had a meal at the Barcelona Hard Rock Cafe. 

I was very pleased to make some new friends on this trip.  People in my school and new people.  I met three wonderful boys from Belgium who were there on a trip with their basketball team; Florian, Quentin and Lucas.  Since the trip I've spoken to Florian regularly and he's a very good friend now.  I also met a lovely guy from USA, Ryan, who was strangely with the Belgian boys doing basketball.  I've kept in touch with Ryan also but we don't speak as often.  I'll always treasure my memories.

I was very fortunate to be able to do so many amazing things. 

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