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Part I


Today is the last day of our holiday in Sicily and a special day was planned..  We got a little later start than expected and the weather forecast was not too bright. When we got up it was really a beautiful morning, so off to Taormina. It was founded in 832 BC by the Greeks. It is one of the most unique places in all of Italy.


We had a late breakfast and got on our way.  We walked down the Via Vittorio Emanuele to Via VII Aprile where the main train and bus stations are located.  In front of the station is a fantastic fountain, Fontana di Prosperina by Guilio Moschetti. 


We saw many buses in the front of the station.

  We were a little confused by where to buy a ticket and catch the bus.  After asking a couple of people we finally found where to buy the tickets. 


The next challenge was to find the terminal, which was more like a parking lot. We did it in time to catch the bus.  We saw an interesting church with a large smooth dome.  We decided to explore it that evening when we come back.


The bus ride provided a beautiful array of mountain and Ionian coastal scenery on the way.  Rob read on his book some and I stayed alert to take pictures.  I was able to get a few shot of Mt Etna. I was still covered by some clouds. When I was here in June, it was perfectly clear several days in a row. I was told that I was lucky to see that.


Part II


It wasn’t too long before the bus was here.

  Back on the bus Rob pulled out his book and read about vampires on the way back.  The scenery was magnificent, again. This time the Ionian Sea at sunet along the Cyclops Riviera! These are places that in the dead of winter in Amsterdam, I will recall the memory an smile.


When we reached Catania we had to be alert to where to get off the bus.  We found the right stop and hurried to get off. The last light of the day was upon us so we quickly headed over to take a look at the church that I saw before we left for Taormina. Rob realized he left his umbrella on the bus and then I realized I had done the same.  Rob ran back, but the bus was long gone.  We headed back to the church.  We were a little nervous and didn’t waste any time as it seemed to be a rougher part of town.


The church was amazing. It has a perfectly smooth devoid of detail except for a little cupola.

It looked a bit like an Arab dome but, the front of the church was definitely Neo classical façade. We headed back to towards the hotel. It was a long walk back and it was dark.


 On the way we passed by a poker game being had by many people with several others watching. The odd thing was that this was outside on the sidewalk and the only light was a flashlight. We also walked past a café with a young couple dancing on the sidewalk to some romantic music.  On the way we picked up some food and headed to Claudia’s. 


It had been a great day. I’m so glad that Rob had gotten to see Taormina. I wish that we had been able to enjoy the beach but, as I always say “you can’t have everything” and we had enjoyed a great day.


We lingered at the Piazza Duomo for few enjoyable moments of Catanian atmosphere.

It’s one of my favorite squares. It’s always lively and it’s quite a beautiful sight.


We managed to get everything organized and Claudia fixed us a breakfast to go as we had to have a taxi at 5:00 am. Claudia even gave us a CD with some nice music as a gift. She such a sweetie. Once we were settled I began working on the blog and Rob settled in to read. The morning would come sooner than we would like but, I made a last visit to the balcony in the living room to take in the view one last time.


Time for bed!


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photo by: Traveling_Brian