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The terrible trauma in Forli is just ahead.

So, we arrive in Forli. While I'm waiting for the bag, Rob is asking the attendant about our boarding the next flight. Since we needed to get the bag, check in, and go through security, we were concerned since there was only 50 minutes. She told us that the bag would continue on to London. Rob told her that we didn't have our boarding passes as well. She said she would call and a Windjet person would meet us at departures.

We left the arrivals area, exited the building and walked around the corner to the departures building. No one was waiting for us so we went to information as there is no ticket counter for them. We were directed to another counter that also says "Information". They were very confused and were trying to tell us that they had no idea what we were talking about. Finally the agent spoke to someone else!!! That person had Rob's ticket but, they hadn't printed my boarding pass.

Then, they seemed to have some problem with doing that???? After 10 minutes of....I really don't know what, they printed my boarding pass. On to security and to the gate.

Upon putting our carry-ons through the x-ray machine, they searched Rob's to find...nothing. Then a guy went through my shoulder bag and removed the 2 stones from Caccamo and the 2 stones from the Alcantara Gorge. He said that I couldn't take them onboard. I told him that I had just come through Catania where it was fine. He said NO! I then tried to appeal to him with the explaination of the fact that they were from my family's hometown. He said NO! Rob was getting frantic as the announcements for the London flight were continuing.

The mountains of Northern Italy as we fly over them
I tried one last plea and then was so angry as there is nothing, anywhere that lists rocks as banned on flights. He then said that it should be in my checked bag. Well, that was an impossibility,now, the baggage handlers had it. I got loud with the agent and then told Rob, in a loud voice, "let's just go and get out of this country". The police behing the agent yelled at me but, I continued my course to the gate. When we got there, everyone was just sitting and there wasn't even an agent at the counter. I was furious!

I, then, tried to go back through security and they refused to let me through. I was going to try to check my carry-on, to get my rocks through. That was not happening now. So, I go back and wait with Rob. Twenty minutes later, we board.

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The terrible trauma in Forli is ju…
The terrible trauma in Forli is j…
The mountains of Northern Italy as…
The mountains of Northern Italy a…
Arrival at Forli, Italy
Arrival at Forli, Italy
photo by: delsol67