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Today started early and after the continued festivities that were topped off by 3 rounds of fireworks beginning at 12:15 am and held at 15 minute intervals, not much sleep was to be had. We were up by 6:15. Antonio was good enough to take us and our luggage to the train station. It’s not too far but, with all of our luggage and purchases, it was much easier as he was so kind. We said our goodbyes and a big hug. It was a great stay and next trip to Palermo; I’ll stay with him, again. You won’t find a nicer guy in Palermo.


Out 7:19 am train came and we were very surprised by what we saw.

The train had only 3 cars and those were crammed full. Luckily, a few people got off but, 3 times as many were climbing in. We could only stand and be squished. It was stuffy and uncomfortable. Luckily, within 10 minutes the crowd had lessened as many of the people were students at a local school. Once they were off, we were able to have a seat. Now, we had ridden this train to the airport on Sunday to return the car. That day it took around 35 minutes to get there. Today, it took over one hour to get there. We finally arrive and had to first eat something. We had now been up almost 3 hours with no food yet. This is not good so, we have apple pastry and a coke. It will get us by until we can get moving. Next we catch the rental car bus to the offsite lot. We had used Skyscanner for the rental, a first. They booked me with a company called Easy Car, one that I’ve never heard of.  The process was fine until we got to the extra driver. I had chosen the car, the extra insurance and an extra driver for the rental. Today, I am told that I hadn’t chosen the extra driver and it wasn’t in the price. I explain to the agent but, she calls the service center and they tell me that I need to take it up with Car Trawler which is who Skyscanner booked me through. Wow, this is just too many people! Anyway, the agent felt bad for me and upgraded us to the next level of car, at no charge. We ended up with a Nissan Note. It’s a small boxy Scion looking hatchback car that is actually very roomy. It was interesting looking and had room for all of our luggage in the covered storage area. This was great as we were concerned about leaving it in the car as we stopped for pictures and any other places that we would be away from the car. Oh, I almost forgot. The assessment area on the car contract where all of the scratches and scrapes are shown looked like a cat had scratched the paper something fierce. This car is a rental in Italy, enough said.

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photo by: spocklogic