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Last night was unbelievable, weather-wise. We had looked on and known that rain and wind were expected but this was not your average rainstorm. When we were relaxing in the room in the late evening, the rain was coming down quite hard and the wind was extremely strong. It continued all night long. During the night the wind had become so strong that it awakened both of us from a sound sleep. It sounded like the roof would be pulled off, the balcony would be ripped off, or the windows would be smashed, or all of the above. It sounded like being in a hurricane, and I have been in one.


We awakened to find that the rain had gone but, the wind was still fierce.

We showered and Rob went to get the car. There were two parking places that were in front of the B&B. That would be easier than taking the bags to the car. I got every thing ready and waited. While waiting I noticed that the rain had cleared the sky of any haze. The sky was so very clear and the light was brilliant and made the color of everything just pop. I took several pictures of some of the same things from the balcony and terrace but, they were so different in this new light.


Just before Rob arrived, a car (police officer) took one of the spots so, when he arrived there was only one and it was very difficult to navigate even this small car. I saw that he was coming and grabbed some bags to start bringing things down. When I got there he had parked the car as well as he could. It was at an angle and only a few inches form the car next to him.

He looked so upset as there had been a man behind him honking his horn and trying not to let him take the time to park. He held his ground and refused to move until the guy gave up and went the other way. See, the streets in Old Town Cefalu are tiny and one-way. Cars have no business being here; even the small cars made for Europe are not made for Cefalu.


Rob and I went back upstairs. We took a few minutes to eat the little breakfast that we had; some fruit, yogurt, ham, cheese, bread and coke. We then quickly brought the rest of the luggage to the car, loaded it, and started navigating the maze to head out. We stopped briefly at the marina to take a few pics. The light, again, was so brilliant that the beach and mountain had different colors than the last two days.

Africancrab says:
Wow, sounds exciting indeed
Posted on: Oct 12, 2009
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photo by: zetez