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The Beer Man on the Ferry to Playa del Carmen
Wednesday, October 21, 2009
After diving, we hurried back to the Hotel Flamingo, grabbed our stuff and walked over to the ferry dock to head to Playa del Carmen. We opted for sitting outside on the upper deck with a nice view of Cozumel where there were two, drunken honeymooning couples from somewhere in Kansas.  They had decided to come over to Cozumel for the day to get liquored up and buy t-shirts and were pretty funny.

The best part about the ferry was the beer guy in the picture and the live band.  He delivered beers to enjoy on the quick ride as we listened to covers of Santana songs.  He was actually pretty funny, speaking in somewhat broken English "How many tequilas?"

After arriving in Playa del Carmen, we walked down 5th to our hotel lugging all of our junk, not too far but not close enough.
Mexican Flag on the Playa Ferry
  Along the way we looked for the Hertz rental place to no avail.  We found the Hotel Kinbe conveniently located right off the main walking street and talked to the Italian/Mexican woman at the front desk who was really nice and helpful.  The hotel was really nice if a little small on the room size and highly suggested.  After getting checked in, we decided to go find the Hertz place and walked up and down 5th to no avail.  We finally found a different Hertz location and figured out that they didn't have our car ready but were assured that if we showed up early tomorrow, they will.  Yeah right...

The woman at the front desk suggested a local seafood place in the old part of Playa del Carmen right on the beach called Taraya so we headed over there just before sunset.
Taraya Beach Restaurant
  Its a nice little spot right on the water with chairs and tables on the beach where we had beers and margaritas.  The weather started picking up so we moved to the patio and then finally inside to the somewhat bizarrely decorated interior.  The food was really good and, as you can tell from Cindy's picture, the margaritas are really big and REALLY strong.

After dinner we walked back to the Kinbe and I jumped in the chilly pool for a quick dip before heading up to the room for a Centenario nightcap while watching the Dodgers lose another game. Tomorrow we are hoping to get out car and head off to start seeing the ruins of Tulum.

Thursday, October 22, 2009
After getting up early, I headed out to the Hertz place (which was of course still closed) before heading to the local Starbucks (also closed).
Cindy likes the Margaritas
  Not the most auspicious start.  A local taxi driver told me about another local coffee shop so I grabbed two cups of coffee and headed back to the Kinbe and hung out for a while, hoping the Hertz place would open.   Eventually it did with of course a different guy then the one who told me last night that we could get our car in the morning.  This guy said we had to get a cab to Hertz but we eventually convinced him to have them come pick us up.

Once there, of course they didn't have our car.  An older American guy was in front of us bitching at the front desk guy that he needed a bigger car because his nephew is 6'9", blah, blah, blah.  We patiently waited.  Eventually, Wilbert (the Hertz guy) took care of him and started helping us out.  He started laughing telling us that the man who just left booked an economy car (usually an Atos which is a millimeter bigger than a SmartCar) and was demanding a triple upgrade.
Taraya Beach Restaurant
  He pulled out a big jeep for us (having just told the man before us that the Dodge Attitude that he was giving him was the biggest car he had) which was pretty hilarious. 

Cindy had talked to AAA and Amex about insurance and was told we should get liability only at a minimum.  We started discussing this with Wilbert and eventually he leaned over the counter in a semi-conspiratorial way and told us he was going to work a deal with us.  He ended up lowering the daily rental quite a bit as well as including full liability and collision/theft coverage.  The only thing we had to do was slip him some cash in the Hertz envelope.  He explained that this was how he was saving for a down payment on a house, "One hand washes the other..."

We got our little "tip" worked out (actually quite a big tip but well worth it) and, as he was finalizing the paperwork, realized that the Jeep could not be dropped off in Cancun as it was being sold.
Cindy at the Kinbe Hotel Pool
  This led to more waiting and a series of calls to his buddy in Tulum and the new plan was to take the Jeep to Tulum where we would trade it in for another car to keep.  Whatever, as long as we get out of here this morning please!  While this was going on, one of the car wash guys took Cindy to the local store to buy some water in the jeep.  Wilbert and I were talking while waiting for them to return and wondering why they were gone so long.  Eventually here they come walking down the street, no jeep.  It had died at the store.  About that time, another, nicer car was returned but then one of the helpers had to drop the renter off in Playa and "would be right back".  Another 30 minutes later (Playa is about 3 minutes away) the guy finally came back with Wilbert bitching him out for being gone so long.  Finally, they washed our car and we headed off to Tulum, only to realize that some light was displayed on the dash with a meaningless icon (and of course no user manual in the car).  Eventually we decided to ignore it and head off to Tulum hoping for the best...

patirkc_AAA says:
Playa del Carmen is a great starting point to see the wonders of Yucatan.
Posted on: Nov 06, 2015
sylviandavid says:
Wow.... renting a car is a huge adventure...
Posted on: Nov 07, 2009
pvtjoy says:
I love Playa del Carmen!
Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!
Posted on: Oct 21, 2009
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The Beer Man on the Ferry to Playa…
The Beer Man on the Ferry to Play…
Mexican Flag on the Playa Ferry
Mexican Flag on the Playa Ferry
Taraya Beach Restaurant
Taraya Beach Restaurant
Cindy likes the Margaritas
Cindy likes the Margaritas
Taraya Beach Restaurant
Taraya Beach Restaurant
Cindy at the Kinbe Hotel Pool
Cindy at the Kinbe Hotel Pool
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