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with food, always happy! Yadi, Arturo & Jackson
One of the things Arturo and Jackson were looking forward to was trying the cebiche and seafood in Lima. They've heard so many great things about this subject. It'd have been good if they'd have tried it when they just arrived in Lima, but it was better they didn't do so. So I'd be able to take them to a local place, the real stuff.

I picked them up around noon at their hotel. Earlier they did some sightseeing and were already waiting for me. They have been having a great day so far. It was bad it wasn't sunny, which is perfect weather for cebiche, but that wouldn't stop us. Some places are closed on Mondays, but I know a nice one near my house and to one of the museums the guys wanted to visit. So, let's go there.
Pulpo al Olivo, one of my new fav!
Driving there gave me the chance to show them another part of Lima and our chaotic traffic, hahaha. I even got a compliment about the way I drive, thanks Jackson! I guess I'm not that crazy compared to the other drivers, hahaha.

Well, we finally arrived. It was early and the parking lot was almost empty. Arturo put the menu away and told Jackson he'd let me choosing the dishes, hehe. Ok, cebiche was a must, so we ordered it and what other dish... Just recently I discovered the olives! I used not to like them at all, but now it's different. I think it was a childhood's thing. Anyway, other dish that is very popular here is "Pulpo al olivo" which is octopus covered with a creamy olive sauce. We were waiting for our food, when the waiter came with 3 small soup bowls, mmm. We didn't order soup and he said it was complimentary. Nice! It was a fish broth, which was rich and tasty. So warm, perfect for the cold weather.

Then he came with the food and it was delicious!!! Guys really enjoyed the meal and so did I. We were talking about their next trip to Cusco. They'd live the following day and would stay in Cusco until Saturday when they'd fly back to Lima. I was so happy I had time to meet up with them before they started their journey. We were already making plans to meet on Saturday. That would be so much fun.

But I had to leave and go back to work. I drove them to the Museum, but it was closed... so sorry guys... Well, see you in a few days!
yadilitta says:
jajaja, qué pex? jajaja, unforgettable!!!
It was my pleasure meeting with you both. I had a great time too!
Posted on: Jun 02, 2010
artzav says:
Yadi, Que Pex?. Jackson and I are very thankful for meeting with us, and taking the time to drive us around for some great Peruvian food. I have to say that the meals were awesome, and I had a great time meeting you.
Posted on: Jun 02, 2010
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with food, always happy! Yadi, Art…
with food, always happy! Yadi, Ar…
Pulpo al Olivo, one of my new fav!
Pulpo al Olivo, one of my new fav!
photo by: rsvpme