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thanks for the gifts!!! Of course, the magnet is on my fridge ;)
It was a few months ago, when Verona and me got in touch. She was organizing her trip to Peru and wanted to get some info about the country. She sent me a message asking if I could help her, of course! My pleasure to become her Peruvian friend in Lima :)  She had almost everything ready, but then the unexpected happened: heavy rains in Cusco and mudslides near Machu Picchu. My job was to keep her updated about the situation here. Machu Picchu would reopen April 1st, so she had to change her schedule, but made it work. She'd come to Lima first, then to Ecuador, back to Lima and finally Machu Picchu. Great! It'd work perfect. Yes, she had things organized for most of the trip, but not for Lima, I'd be in charge of that part.
the TB's of the night: Verona & Yadi

I helped her arranging a cab to pick up her and her friend from the airport. It wasn't even 5am, when I got a phone call from the cab company. Mrs. Verona didn't show up. What?!?! I told them to wait a bit longer and after a while they called me letting me know they were in their way to the hotel, sweet! I had already recommended Verona to go to downtown during the day and arranged to meet up in the afternoon.

As agreed I arrived at 6pm and there I met Verona and her 2 friends. We weren't sure what to do or where to go, so after talking about this for a while, we decided to take it easy that first day. The decision was to go to charming Barranco, just to chill out and relax. Heidi wanted to go for dinner, but it was still early for that.
with sweet Marsha :)
At least,I already knew where we'd go for delicious Peruvian food.

I was driving and Marsha was surprised/shocked by the heavy traffic in Lima, hahaha. She was saying she might not be able to drive in Lima. Well, eventually we get used to it. Driving around was a great way to show them a bit of the city and it was a very good idea to go to another neighborhood. We stayed in Barranco for about 1/2 hour. Just walking around and taking pictures. And before I noticed it, I became a tour guide! I was telling them about the city, history, people, etc. I couldn't help laughing when picture time started and I saw that 3 of us had pink cameras!!! hahaha pink power!!!

Well, it was already time to drive back to Miraflores and have dinner.
happy table: Marsha, Heidi, Yadi & Verona
I was thinking about the restaurant next to the Pre Inca Pyramid and the 2 ladies loved the idea. Adventurous Verona had already read about this restaurant and wanted to try it. Heidi thought that would be nice and sweet Marsha just said: "whatever you decide, it's fine. You're in charge!" It was a 15min drive. The pyramid looked gorgeous and the 3 friends were impressed by it. I felt so proud of my Lima!

We got a nice table and then the difficult part started: trying to decide what to eat, hahaha. Well, in the meanwhile we ordered our cocktails. You know when you are in Rome... so, the choice was pretty obvious: Pisco! By the time our drinks came, we already knew what we would have for appetizer. Ladies wanted the Peruvian experience and this is what they would get. I was so happy they all were thrilled out with the idea of tasting Peruvian food, without any prejudice.
the baby goad: Cabrito!
That's the spirit!

Service was fast, or maybe we felt it so since we were enjoying our drinks and a nice conversation. Appetizers arrived: guinea pig on top of plantain, anticuchos (cow's heart) with yuca, shrimp with quinoa & causas (mashed potatoes with stuffing). We put them in the center of the table, so we all could try everything. The waiter brought chili sauce and I was a bit worried if they would like it, but I shouldn't have done so. They liked it and Marsha loved it! hahaha.

It was a lot of food, so we wouldn't order an entree for each one. We got 2 to share. That was a very smart idea. I was in charge of that decision. I knew the only thing I should care about was: as Peruvian as possible, hahaha. Well, we got: baby goad with mashed limabeans and rice and "aji de gallina" a chicken with a sauce made with yellow pepper.
in front of the pyramid: Verona & Yadi
They both were delicious!

Food was very yummy and conversation was as great if not greater. We were sharing tasty food, but most important we were able to talk and know each other better. Yes, we all had different backgrounds, but shared the passion for travel. I guess we all have the travel bug and are wanting to visit new places and meet new people. The only TB's were Verona and me and at the very beginning of the evening we explained how we met, hahaha. But at the end of the night we were acting like old friends :)

It was a very nice night. I spent a sweet time with these 3 ladies and I hope their 1st night in Lima was what they were expecting. It felt so good to meet them and to know I'm able to share a bit of my country with them. When would we meet again? Tomorrow!
yadilitta says:
We all enjoyed the evening. Not doubts we all had a great time!
Posted on: Apr 14, 2010
traveller142009 says:
What can I say...you are a great host and such a detailed writer...great job, the pleasure was mine.
Posted on: Apr 14, 2010
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thanks for the gifts!!! Of course,…
thanks for the gifts!!! Of course…
the TBs of the night: Verona & Ya…
the TB's of the night: Verona & Y…
with sweet Marsha :)
with sweet Marsha :)
happy table: Marsha, Heidi, Yadi &…
happy table: Marsha, Heidi, Yadi …
the baby goad: Cabrito!
the baby goad: Cabrito!
in front of the pyramid: Verona & …
in front of the pyramid: Verona &…
Verona & Marsha
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