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Shawn, Yadi, Fabian & Anand. Just noticed we all are brunettes!!!
A couple of months ago Fabian contacted me. He wanted to get some info about Peru. He and his friend would spend a couple of weeks in the country and wanted to see as much as possible. We didn't write much for a while and  I was even thinking that they might not come to Peru after all, but I was wrong. Just a couple of weeks ago, he wrote me again asking for the final advises. They would leave the USA Jan 1st! Wow! Starting the year with an international travel is not bad at all, lucky them!

By the time they were settled in their hotels it was already the 2nd and I couldn't reach them. So better meet the 3rd. And the best was that Fabian got a Peruvian number, cool! Now we could be in touch. Shawn was still in Lima and he was very happy with the idea of meeting TB's.
Anand, Fabian, Shawn and me. Yes, I was the designated driver, just Inca Kola, but light
Welcome to my daily life, Shawn! hahaha. The were staying at the hostel I recommended, hehehe. I'm a good advisor :P We agreed to meet at 6:30pm, to show them a bit from Lima, chat and grab a bite and something to drink.

First we were sightseeing for a while. It was nice to show them around Miraflores, even though it didn't last that long, but the most important and fun was the fact of being able to meet. One of the things they were wanting the most was to hang out with locals, that's me! yay! After a couple of days, Shawn was becoming a local too... mmm, was he trying to take my "job"? hahaha

It was Sunday night, so the possibilities of finding a place open weren't that high. So better, let's go for the safest but also nice: Larcomar - the mall on the cliff. The guys liked it, since it's not a regular covered mall. We went to Mangos where I always had good experiences. This time things were a bit different though. There was no table available and we had to wait a bit, but the service was the slowest ever! Anyway, it was fun. Fabian got a Pisco Sour - of course he was in Peru. Furthermore, he was dying to try as many Peruvian things as possible. Shawn got a beer. He still had the pisco from yesterday running through his veins. Anand - Fabian's friend - got a cocktail. It looked yummy. And me? well, I was the designated driver and still had pisco in my blood, so just an Inca Kola diet. But when the guys come back from Cusco, we'd go party, hehehe. Regarding the food, there was a small problem. Anand is vegetarian and the platter I was thinking about has meat. So good, there are yummy vegetarian options, hehehe. Anyway, we ordered a delicious appetizer to share. Their first experience with Peruvian food was a good one!  Yay for us!

I had a great time chatting with the guys, listening to their past travels and what they were expecting from the country. They were happy, they were able to hang out with a local and we agreed to meet when they would be back from Cusco, next weekend. We just realised they would spend all their weekends in Peru in Lima, how cool! Party, party, party!!!! Sorry Shawn, you wouldn't be in town... but we'd send the pictures! hahaha, so mean...sorry seriously :P
yadilitta says:
hahaha, come to the hills, hahaha. Well, I guess Peru has more attractions :P
Posted on: Jan 08, 2010
geerbox says:
Yes, the end was a little mean, hehe. I would never try to take your job from you! That involves arranging activities, making plans, communicating....don't think I'm the best at that stuff, haha. It was great meeting TBs though, it's been awhile meeting new ones and I forgot how fun it is! "Come to Ecuador TBs" haha
Posted on: Jan 08, 2010
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Shawn, Yadi, Fabian & Anand. Just …
Shawn, Yadi, Fabian & Anand. Just…
Anand, Fabian, Shawn and me. Yes, …
Anand, Fabian, Shawn and me. Yes,…
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