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we arrived early...
This is still part of day 1 of Robert and Yadi's food adventure, but since it was a looong day I decided to write 2 entries about it otherwise it'd have been too long. Well, it was 6:30pm when I met Robert at the hostel, so we'd keep discovering Lima and its cuisine. Before he came to Peru, he mentioned he'd like to have dinner in a nice restaurant. There are several nice restaurants in town, but he chose 2 he'd like to try. I knew one of them, but not the other one, although I've heard really good comments about it. I told that to Robert and he decided we would try the one I didn't know. This would be a new experience for both of us. So, a couple of days in advance I made a reservation :)

This restaurant in located in charming Barranco, which gave me the opportunity to show Robert another part of the city.
Barranco at night
We arrived there around 7pm - I was hoping we'd be able to do it before the sunset, but traffic in Lima is heavy on Fridays... oh well. Nevertheless we had fun just walking around Barranco and I told him about the story of the city too. I like the fact he's so interested in knowing about Peruvian history and culture, but also that we could talk about common stuff like when we noticed a sweet smell: passion fruit!

Finally it was 8pm, time for dinner and I (well actually we) was looking for this experience. Chala is a famous restaurant, which specialty is Peruvian cuisine, but a bit modernized. We were the first there. Our table was waiting for us and we were ready to start this gourmet journey. It was Robert's 2nd day in Lima and I wouldn't let him leave Lima without trying the famous Pisco Sour.
our cocktails: passion fruit and regular Pisco & Tequenos del Colca (stuffed with beef) and ocopa foam
So, that's how we started the evening with 2 Peruvian Cocktails: Pisco Sour for him and Maracuya Sour (pisco sour with passion fruit) for me. Cheers! And with our cocktails we'd have an appetizer, this was the perfect start. We tried the "Tequenos del Colca". I have tried tequenos several times, but the dipping sauce was incredible. Usually they are served with guacamole, but this time the traditional huacatay sauce was served as foam. Unbelievable! And so was the huacatay for Robert, who was trying this flavor for first time.

After a delicious start, we were ready for the menu! Mmm, the menu was quite big and we were taking our time to make a decision. We weren't in a rush, so we didn't have to order everything fast. Who's coming, now? Well, Robert asked me if it would be possible to meet the chef.
Fresh Tiradito de la Bajada: slices of flounder with a sauce of yellow pepper and cocona (fruit from the rainforest)
Mmm, when I called to make the reservation I asked if the chef would go to the restaurant. Sure, he'd, but they didn't know at what time he'd show up. Well, he showed up when we were having our cocktails and came to our table before we ordered, so I asked him to give us some suggestions. Great idea! He even wanted to order for us, but we preferred to check everything first and also wanted to do it slowly...

One of the best things of having a meal with Robert, besides of the great and fun conversations, was the fact that we were always sharing dishes. So, we were able to try more, hahaha. For appetizer #1 we ordered a tiradito (slices of fish) marinated in Cocona juice and yellow chili. It also comes with pieces of grilled octopus. Delicious!!! This dish was recommended by the chef and we could see why.
Cauche del litoral: grilled chita (a fish from the area) with shrimps sauted limpets,smoked Andean cheese and fried yucca. Sauce seafood with tarragon
A tiradito is a traditional dish, but it had a special twist. Wow!

Well, let's go for appetizer #2. Since the one the chef recommended was so good, we decided to follow his advice again. We ordered the sausage one. Mmm, this sausage was made in a Peruvian style, since it has "achiote". The dish was very lovely presented, very clean. But, there was a lack of contrats in the flavors. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but not awesome as the other things we've already tried. I was thinking maybe it was just my impresion, since I'm not much into sausages. But that's how Robert felt.

But we didn't this small detail to discourage us. Not everything can be perfect. Let's go for the main dish. We both knew we wanted fish, that was a good start, but what to order... Robert was such a gentleman and let me order the dish.
Yadi & Robert (foodie & chef)
He got a menu in English, but this dish wasn't there, hahaha. So he'd trust me. It was another great choice. The fish was delicious, with crispy skin and despite the fact all the ingredients were different, the cooking of everyone was perfect. Yummy! As usual the presentation was great too. Mmm.

We were getting full, but there was still some room left. Another entrée before dessert? Why not? Robert was thinking about a soup and this might be interesting. When the waiter came to take our order and change forks and plates for "n" time, hahaha, I asked him about the soup, but they didn't have it available. Oh no! Well, this was the signal to know we should go for dessert. I love sweets, but there's one thing I don't eat: chocolate. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but my body doesn't tolerate it very well.
desserts: membrillo (quince), cinnamon ice cream & warm cheesecake!
.. My poor stomach takes so many things, than one it can't take is not that bad, hehe.

After checking all the options very carefully we went for the Cheesecake one. No, it wasn't a regular cheesecake. It was a sampler with 3 desserts: the cheesecake, cinnamon ice cream and membrillo (I think it's quince in English). You know that sometimes desserts are not as great as the appetizers and entrees, but here they were! Well, at least the one we ordered. It was 1st time for both of us having warm cheesecake, what an awesome idea! The cinnamon ice cream was creamy and not too sweet. And the membrillo, yummy! I love its texture and sourness. That was the perfect way to end a delicious dinner.

Our original plan was to go and listen some live music after dinner, but it took us much longer than expected. It has been a looong day full of new experiences and flavors and it'd be better to have some time to digest everything (including the food of course). We could leave the music for Saturday. Robert has already arranged for the morning, but we'd meet when he was back in Miraflores.  Look forward to hang out with Robert again and keep on having fun!
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we arrived early...
we arrived early...
Barranco at night
Barranco at night
our cocktails: passion fruit and r…
our cocktails: passion fruit and …
Fresh Tiradito de la Bajada: slice…
Fresh Tiradito de la Bajada: slic…
Cauche del litoral: grilled chita …
Cauche del litoral: grilled chita…
Yadi & Robert (foodie & chef)
Yadi & Robert (foodie & chef)
desserts: membrillo (quince), cinn…
desserts: membrillo (quince), cin…
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