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Yesterday we had a lovely dinner and quiet evening, so the ladies would be fresh and ready to explore a bit of the city during the morning. As agreed I went to their hotel at 10am, but there was a surprise another friend of them arrived and he would join us too. So good, my car was big enough, so the 5 of us fit perfectly!

Verona was talking about a gastronomic tour. She looked for one while she was in the USA, but couldn't find one that suits... Oh well, I'd be in charge of that. Where to start? Well, where you can buy the products: the open market! We drove to Magdalena in order to visit one of the biggest open markets of Lima. I knew Verona wanted to visit it, but wasn't sure about the other guys.
that was a big fish... well it looked like...
Fortunately they liked it too and enjoyed it very much. It was so fun when they took their cameras and a vendor started to pose, hahaha. The night before we had a delicious Peruvian meal and now I was showing them the products they used to cook it.

Visit wouldn't be complete without trying a local fruit, hahaha. After showing them how to peel and eat it, they tried it and liked it! A couple of hours later, we left the market. Where to go now? It was still early to think about lunch, plus they had a big breakfast... so, what to do now? Well, Steve wasn't with us last night and missed the pyramid. Also the ladies saw a pyramid but at night, so we'd visit another one and this time we would climb it! The guy at the entrance of the pyramid asked if I was the tour guide, hahaha.
Verona & Yadi, after a tour around Lima
Well, somehow I was ;)

It was really hot and sunny, so the idea of having a fresh and cold juice sounded perfect! I drove them to my favorite spot for juices made of local fruits and they loved it! We would have a juice of the fruit we tried at the market: "Granadilla". Result: they loved it! There were so many options of juices to try, that the decision was a bit difficult, hahaha. It was about 2:30pm. The gang had to be back at the hotel before 6pm, since they had plans. Verona wanted to do some shopping, the other guys wanted to rest and eventually I had to work :P So I drove them back to the hotel. It was time to say good bye to Steve and Marsha. Well, I might meet her when she's back in June. With Verona and Heidi it was a "See you in a while". They'd go to Galapagos, but would be back in Lima on April 7th. See you girls, enjoy Galapagos and see you in a few days!
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that was a big fish... well it loo…
that was a big fish... well it lo…
Verona & Yadi, after a tour around…
Verona & Yadi, after a tour aroun…
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