I was back from Cali and Mark was back from Cusco, so let's meet up!

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Almost 1 week ago, I met Mark for first time. He was in his way to Cusco and Puno and I was about leaving to Cali (Colombia) a couple of days later. I didn't know I'd be able to meet him again, but then he checked his flight details and he would stay 2 days in Lima before flying back home, sweet! So, we agreed to be in touch. We were in Cali and in Cusco, but kept in touch.

So, when he was back in town, the meet up was a Must, hehe. I was crazy busy with work, but after being working non stop for 2 days I needed a break and what could be better than meeting a friend? So, we had a plan! We met the day he arrived to Lima. It was Thursday and what did we do? Well, we went to eat, hahaha. I've been telling him about the anticuchos (cow's heart on skewers) and he wanted to try them, so the Peruvian experience will be complete. He did it and liked them!

We had a lot to talk about, his trip to Cusco and Puno sounded amazing. I've been several times in Cusco, but just once in Puno and before the travel bug, so I want to go back there, hahaha. And also I was telling him about Cali and how it was.

The anticuchos were a great appetizer. He was hungry and I was looking for a sweet, so we went to a cafe I usually go and got empanadas (meat for him and veggies for me) and shared a delicious dessert with manjarblanco - sweet made of milk like the cream caramel. We still had a lot to chat about, hahaha. Well, it was getting a bit late and  I had to go back home and keep on working. He also was a bit tired and wanted to wake up early the next day in order to go one more time to downtown.

Well, before leaving we agreed to meet on Friday night for a couple of drinks and dinner, before he started his trip back home :)
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photo by: rsvpme