Spending a quiet Saturday with Liana, Yvonne & Jasper :)

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ready to enjoy our tasty dessert :)
It was a holiday today, Labour Day. Well, it was Saturday, so no work, but also no gym... Well, this turned to be something good since I needed a good sleep, hehe. Jasper would visit the Prison during the morning while Liana, Yvonne and I would spend a quiet girls morning. I went to the apartment at 11 am and then we left. I was thinking about some sightseeing, but first we would do some shopping, yay! It's always fun to go shopping. After finding some presents we drove to the Business Area. There was no traffic, so it was very easy to be showing around. I wanted to show the ladies the modern part of Lima. They loved it too.

It was getting closer to noon and we would go to a restaurant for lunch.
Having dessert was meant to be, yummy!
Then we received a phone call from Jasper. He couldn't visit the prisoners and was in his way to the apartment. We'd meet him there and then the 4 of us would have lunch together. Now we all were together, where to go? Jasper's answer came immediately: "Lomo Saltado". This is a traditional dish. He tried it last time in Lima and became his favorite, haha. So, we went to the same restaurant. Place was packed, but we were lucky to found the perfect right spot and getting a table. Suddenly, our good luck seemed to leave us... The waiter was extremely busy and took it a really loooong time to bring the drinks. Not to mention our dishes. It was difficult to make a decision regarding the food, but we did it. Finally the waiter came but with a random piece of paper to write down our order, how bizarre. Well better that than nothing. It was taking forever for him to bring the dishes. Then I noticed other tables were getting their food. The waiter was even avoiding making eye contact with us... I was worried and approached to the hostess just to make sure the waiter took our order. She checked it and he did it. She apologized and told me they'd a problem with the waiter but it has already been fixed.

After a loooong wait we finally we got our dishes and they were delicious. Well, Jasper had to wait a few minutes extra since they brought the wrong one. It was very tasty, but I was dissapointed with the service. First time ever that happened to me. I even mentioned that to the hostess. So good the food was very good as usual. Would we have dessert? I was thinking about that, but had 2nd doubts since I didn't go to the gym earlier. Suddenly I saw the waiter coming with a big dessert. What's that? We didn't order any? A mistake again? The waiter must have read my face since he said: "This is from the house, sorry for all the inconveniences earlier." Aww, that was so sweet. Perfect way to end a lunch that didn't start that well. Having dessert was something meant to be :P

We drove back to the apartment. I left the guys so they would be able to rest and I drove back home to do the same. In the evening we met again to buy the flight tickets to Cusco and arrange the details for their visit to wonderful Machu Picchu :)
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ready to enjoy our tasty dessert :)
ready to enjoy our tasty dessert :)
Having dessert was meant to be, yu…
Having dessert was meant to be, y…
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