Shawn's last day in Lima was a great day for the eating partners :P

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ready for lunch. The waiter insisted on taking pics, hahaha
This would be Shawn's last day in Lima and there weren't big plans. I'd work during the morning and we'd meet at noon, for lunch - hahaha. Well, it was so bad his last day in town was a Monday. Most of my favorite places are closed on Mondays... well, that meant we should look for new ones, hehehe. Once we were looking for a parking spot on La Mar Ave., the security guy gave us a business card from a nice restaurant. First thing we did when we were at my house was checking their website and saw something interesting: crab cake. So, we had a plan!

We arrived and the security guy recognized me. It was early and I found a perfect parking spot right in front of the restaurant. Everyone there was so friendly.
Chorito del Puerto, so fresh and yummy with a dash of pisco and cocona juice :P
You really feel welcome at this place. Not only our waiter, but also the other waiters were waving us. I felt like we were famous people, hahaha, maybe they felt I was coming and I'd be able to write a review about this place, hahaha. We chose a nice table and the waiter came with the menu. We didn't need to look at this, since we already knew what we wanted.

To drink just water, didn't want to get full. Crab cake didn't seem to be enough, so we ordered for mussels: "Choritos de Puerto". These were like the traditional "choritos a la chalaca": mussels with chopped onion, tomato and red pepper, but they have a variation a dash of pisco and cocona (rainforest fruit). They were perfect, so refreshing. Then our crab cake came. It was delicious too, and had a salad of avocado and mango as side.
delicious and classy!
Both dishes were delicious and the presentation was very neat too.

The waiter was always coming in order to make sure if everything was fine. He also refilled our complimentary evil corn (toasted corn) bowl, hehehe. He was ready to suggest us a main dish, but we didn't want to eat more. Oh well, just a small thing: a leche de tigre - this is the cebiche juice. It came in a nice glass, sweet! We shared it and decided to leave although the desserts sounded tempting.

We already had an idea for dessert: a delicious juice. And my, sorry our (now I have to share it, hahaha), favorite juice place was just crossing the street. We arrived and the place was partially crowded. We were looking for a juice with passion fruit, but I couldn't find any, so I went to the counter and the administrator showed up.
summer juice: strawberry, granadilla (sweet passion fruit) and a dash of maracuya (sour passion fruit)
I asked him about the passion fruit and he recommended me to try the "summer juice". It had strawberry, granadilla (a variety of passion fruit, very sweet) and a dash of maracuya (regular passion fruit, sour). OMG! This juice was perfect! Great idea!!! This was the perfect dessert, yummy!!!

The rest of the day was a lazy one. Didn't do anything outstanding until dinner, hahaha. It was awesome I met Carola at the sushi place. We didn't plan it and met there. We just talked a few minutes ago and there she was, totally unexpected, hahaha. I didn't take pictures this time... I should have brought my camera, since I tried one of the best makis ever...

Oh well, it was getting late and was time to say good bye to Shawn. He had to leave early to the airport and I had to work next morning, back to the real life. It was great having him in town. Eating partners reunited!!!
kerisina says:
ok That´s a deal !!! You will talk next time, and allways any excuse is enough to go back to Edo sushi bar =)
Posted on: Jan 08, 2010
geerbox says:
Well Carola, I'm a little shy but honestly I didn't realize it was you, haha. Next time I'm in Lima, we have to meet again! This time I'll talk :P I'll go back to Edo's again too, it was awesome!
Posted on: Jan 08, 2010
kerisina says:
Yadi !!!!! me must go to the Edo sushi bar again... I tried to take pics, but since I had downloaded a new program in my blackberry, it didnt work as the usual, and I only got a crappy pic.... buuuuuuu
Posted on: Jan 08, 2010
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ready for lunch. The waiter insist…
ready for lunch. The waiter insis…
Chorito del Puerto, so fresh and y…
Chorito del Puerto, so fresh and …
delicious and classy!
delicious and classy!
summer juice: strawberry, granadil…
summer juice: strawberry, granadi…
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