Robert's last day in Peru ended up with a delicious dinner, perfect way to do it :)

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ok, just take a deep breath and deal with the crazy traffic!
Robert has been in the country for almost a month. He spent the first days of his trip in Lima and then he has been traveling to different parts of the country, but at the end he had to come back to Lima in order to catch his flight back home. Yay! We'd be able to meet!!! During his first stop in Lima we were able to spend some time and shared awesome meals (a chef and a foodie, what a team!), this time he'd spend just a few hours in the city, but dinner was a MUST, hahaha.

Robert was arriving to Lima around 6pm. We agreed I'd pick up him at the terminal. I knew that terminal, but it wasn't located in one of my favorite areas. In fact I was a bit worried about driving there, but since it was summer time and days were longer, that shouldn't be an issue.
there he is!
Plus, I wanted to do it! Furthermore this area is a bit chaotic and I didn't want Robert to feel abandoned. I know he has been traveling by himself the past weeks, but if I could help him, I'd do it!

I didn't have to wait long for him, just 15min. Everything was perfect, the only challenge might be the traffic, which was crazy busy. It was so good to meet him after such a long time. He had many stories to tell and there wasn't that much time. Well, somehow it was good that the traffic was so bad, that gave us time to chat, hahaha. We had sometime before dinner, so we drove to my house so he could fresh up and check his flight. As bonus he was able to meet Gunther - so bad I didn't take a picture of this moment :(

The restaurant Robert chose for his last meal in Lima was a great one! It has been reviewed many times and is recommended by several people including other chefs.
Robert & Yadi ready to share another wonderful meal!
Why did he choose this one? Well, I told him I haven't eaten there, but heard great comments about it (its bar has been considered one of the top 10 worldwide!) and the chef uses local ingredients, but not too popular like some roots from the highlands and fruits from the rainforest. The reservation was for 7:30pm and we arrived just a few minutes later.

Everything was looking perfect! The only problem would be to choose our dishes and enjoy them without taking so much time since Robert had to catch a flight at 11:40pm. We'd have to hurry up on deciding. We didn't want t rush the dinner. We both take eating seriously, hehehe. When the waiter came with the menus, I asked for the drinks' one. We had to make a toast! Pisco was a must. I got the house drink "Pisco Punch" with has pisco (Peruvian liquor), pineapple syrup and water - very refreshing, perfect for summer - and Robert got the "Tunche" which has pisco and Cocona (a fruit from the rainforest that Robert really liked when he tried first in Lima), plus other things.
my Pisco Punch! the house drink

While we were waiting for our drinks, we started to check the menu. Oh oh, this would be quite a challenge. All the dishes looked amazing! Our drinks were here, let's get this party started!!! It wasn't easy to decide for an appetizer, but we finally did. We had to keep a close look at the time, we might not have much. So, it was a good idea to choose our appetizers and main dish. We would order 2 appetizers (yes besides the one we ordered with the drinks, hehehe) but just 1 main dish.

The waiter was impatient and kept on asking the whole time if we were ready with the order. I found this a bit annoying, but then I understood why he was acting like that. He wanted to have our whole order, so he could bring the dishes in the proper order. Another waiter came with a complimentary basket with breads and some olives.
breads' basket
I don't eat much bread, but these were just amazing! The dining room was almost empty when we arrived, but by this time it was getting crowded. Most of the people seemed to be business men / women, looked a bit upscale and we might have been the most casual in the restaurant, hahaha, but also the happiest. Robert was as happy as a kid with a new toy, hehehe.

Then the waiter came. He brought first the 2 appetizers with fish, since their flavors were lighter. I think there was a misunderstanding here, both dishes were similar, consisting in raw fish. I noticed Robert was a bit disappointed of our decision and so was I, but it turned to be not bad at all. We asked for a tiradito (slices of raw fish) with tumbo juice (tumbo is a local fruit which he tried his 1st time in Lima, we even used it for a salad dressing).
this portion was so small... but tasty...
The second dish was with chita, a local fish which Robert saw in many places and wanted to try. The name of the dish suggested it was cooked, but it wasn't. It was just sealed and raw in the middle. But definitely it had a different flavor, a smoky one. The only thing about this dish was the small size :( I love the fact the chef used fishes that are caught only using environmental friendly techniques. So, we were enjoying tasty dishes, but at same time helping the environment, cool!

Food was amazing and everything tasted delicious. The juice of the tiradito was so good, I felt bad not having a piece of sweet potato to soak into that juice... Ok, let's have a glass of wine. Robert ordered his favorite: "Tempranillo". I think this was the 1st time I was having that wine and it was a great surprise.
inside the rocoto relleno, caramelized spicy bell pepper stuffed with black pudding and rice
I learned something new, but I have already learned some things that I use when I cook now, hehehe.

Then the waiter came with our main dish and the 1st appetizer we ordered... It was weird, but worked perfect. He said the chef recommended to do it so. Ok... Well, it was a very good idea to bring both dishes together. The appetizer was a caramelized rocoto (spicy bell pepper) stuffed with black pudding and rice. It wasn't spicy at all, but with a hint of sweetness and a flavor that might have overwhelmed the fish. I have tried this "rocoto relleno" (stuffed bell pepper) many times, but this one was different. It was awesome!!!

Ok, now the main dish. For entrée we'd have pork. We ordered it mostly because we were intrigued by its side, which according to the waiter's explanation was a puree of eggplant and banana.
Crispy pork on top of puree of eggplant & bananas, with fume of garlic and tenderloin
That sounded really interesting and we wouldn't let pass this opportunity, no no no. So good we went for it. It was yummy. The only thing missing was a bit more of that puree, otherwise the dish could be too dry. Nevermind it tasted very very good. We both were enjoying our dinner but also a nice conversation. He was telling me about his impressions of Peru and the different places he visited.

The waiter came with the dessert menu, but we were running out of time. We didn't have time for dessert, but for killing the wine, hehehe. We finished our glasses and in the way out I was about taking a pic of the bar, when another waiter offered to take one from both of us, nice! That would be the perfect pic for the end of this entry. I was feeling happy about having been able to meet Robert, but at same time sad.
after a delicious meal, so happy :)
Not many people here understand why I'm so crazy about food :P  Well, it was time to say good bye. I spent a wonderful time and can't wait to read Robert's blog.
huibdos says:
If they punch you with Pisco sour, I hope they remove the bottle:)
Posted on: Mar 02, 2010
yadilitta says:
Yes, it is! The chef & the foodie had an awesome time :)
Posted on: Feb 28, 2010
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ok, just take a deep breath and de…
ok, just take a deep breath and d…
there he is!
there he is!
Robert & Yadi ready to share anoth…
Robert & Yadi ready to share anot…
my Pisco Punch! the house drink
my Pisco Punch! the house drink
breads basket
breads' basket
this portion was so small... but t…
this portion was so small... but …
inside the rocoto relleno, caramel…
inside the rocoto relleno, carame…
Crispy pork on top of puree of egg…
Crispy pork on top of puree of eg…
after a delicious meal, so happy :)
after a delicious meal, so happy :)
traffic is crazy! thinking about t…
traffic is crazy! thinking about …
the incredibly fresh tiradito (sli…
the incredibly fresh tiradito (sl…
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